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    This is a good idea for everyone on bikes

    In California we lane split like most of the world and I usually pull up between the cars all the way up front. Only another motorcycle could rear end me there.
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    Best way to install new replacement low beam bulb

    I had to replace the lamp sometime ago, had a terrible time of it and cursed the engineers who are responsible for this design. I don't have particularly big hands and can usually manage well, but this is on another level..
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    CG Motoparts

    I still have mine and check things out here regularly, not dead as far as I see. Have not bought (or heard, for that matter) from CG Motoparts.
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    Travel and Trips on your 600/650

    Nice trip report! I'm not one for long rides, I prefer a car for those. My best trip the past four years that I've had my C650 Sport is hard to pinpoint, they're all similar - probably most enjoyable are the ones that shorten my work commute time by about 70% as I travel the 7 miles home on LA...
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    hydraulic timing chain tensioner

    It shouldn't, not since the 2016 model year I believe? Not 100% sure since mine is a 2016 and had to have its tensioner replaced after 2,000 miles.
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    The Low Five Wave ....

    It's completely counter intuitive that there are very few motorcycles here. Not only the climate but consider also the oftentimes horrendous traffic and parking challenges. I just zoom by and drop it wherever.
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    The Low Five Wave ....

    There are relatively few motorcycles to be seen in Southern California, but a fair proportion of those are driven by Black riders. Especially the oftentimes highly customized 'bagger' HDs but also more subdued HDs, and often with music playing. This week while out on the C650 running some...
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    ex burgman 650 owners, what are your thoughts???

    Welcome and I have the very same 2016 C650 (Sport) in orange. Love it.
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    Whats the actual recommend octane?

    My Honda 300 scooter in France runs more efficient on lower octane gas believe it or not. It was commented on the Honda forums, I tested it out and sure enough. I have not tested it on the BMW but always fill up with the medium grade (89 I think here in US).
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    Tupperware Tip for Maintenance (also, check those CVT filters and kickstands!)

    I read that same statistic Mike, about in how many motorcycle accidents alcohol was involved. Like you, I watch for every small indication that a car may make a wrong move. Happened to me once, that a car did not see me and ran into me, fortunately it was a minor crash that time (now 45 years...
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    Tupperware Tip for Maintenance (also, check those CVT filters and kickstands!)

    One safety rule I have is to never drink a drop of alcohol when I ride a motorcycle. But then in Florida you don't have to wear a helmet either, so safety is a different concept there! I will have to inspect my sidestand now, never paid attention to it.
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    I found my (probably copied) CD rom on Ebay.
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    The Low Five Wave ....

    I wave too, and would at smaller scooters if there were any here in SoCal. Harley people don't generally wave that's right and no waving on the highway at 65 mph, just not practical. When my family drove Saab 96s in the seventies and eighties they always exchanged waves with other Saab 96...
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    BMW Parts rip off

    FWIW for the last 4 years and 6,000 miles I've owned my 2016 C650 I've only spent maintenance money on oil and filters, and brake fluid. $25 a year maybe? Will do major service myself, figure main cost will be the Mitsuboshi belt when that time comes.
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    Removing damaged strainer bolt.

    You can also do what justscootin described in the second post in this thread. But the drift method should also work, I believe.
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