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    Cvt filter for 2013 BMW 650GT

    Can you post a picture of what you mean? There are a couple different filters in that area.
  2. davidh

    PowerCommnader V, auto tune and Malossi Multivar MHR 2000 variator

    Speaking from costly experience and their non-existent customer service, I'd stay away from the DP clutch.
  3. davidh

    Hesitation at slow steady speed

    I hate to question but there's no way BMW installed a clutch and sliders for $100. Those parts alone are in the $400 range and my dealer (who uses the book rate) would charge at least $300-400. I will say the sliders will help though I've returned to the OEM clutch after the DP clutch...
  4. davidh

    Timing chain recall visual check

    IIRC, the chain isn't replaced, only the tensioner. And pretty sure you'd have to expose it and compare part numbers to be sure. I think the new version has a slightly larger hole to enable easier passage of lubricant.
  5. davidh

    bmw parts

    Absolutely. Used them for everything from oil to more obscure parts.
  6. davidh

    2013 C650GT fuel flap broken

    Cool, looking forward to the pics!
  7. davidh

    Installing new weights and sliders

    Review this document -- Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. davidh

    C400x front brake!

    Hmm, I rode a 400 in France last year and didn't have any issues.
  9. davidh

    Installing new weights and sliders

    Like how to remove the variator and stuff?
  10. davidh

    How to charge my bmw c650 gt

    I think it's possible but I have a pigtail from a Battery Tender Junior) connected directly to the battery that drops down next to the front fork (and easy to plug in).
  11. davidh

    Removing panels on 2013 650C GT

    Basically, start with removing the fuel cover (carefully!) and then work your way down. 1. Fuel cover. 2. U-shaped piece (behind the fuel cover) 3. Side painted panels (there's a couple bolts under the seat for this one) 4. Footrest panels. None of the fasteners are really hidden; it just...
  12. davidh


    I can't answer 0-60 (though it seems fast enough -- not Ducati fast but good). Re mileage, I've averaged 46.7 MPG over 63k miles. Full details here:
  13. davidh

    Removing panels on 2013 650C GT

    Sure, what you need? I've done it about 25+ times. PS. Sorry if this is too late.
  14. davidh

    Seat closing issue on 2013 650c gt

    Mine is off-kilter a little bit and I just have to be careful when closing it as to not engage the lock without the seat the way down. Likely a combination of design defect and really long seat, culminating in an inch of so of play between the hinge and lock. Or in other words, just deal with...
  15. davidh

    2013 C650GT fuel flap broken

    Accept that it's broken. I've broken two of them. I use electrical tape on keep it from flying open while en route. A ridiculous design.
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