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    C400 Problems

    45 days for delivery ))
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    Vibration / tictic sound at lower speed

    Last 2-3 weeks I installed a Givi Dolomiti alumin square top box.... and the only noise I listen is from there !!:D
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    Vibration / tictic sound at lower speed

    yes, a noice exactly 20 and 40. i think is in the plastic joints. my mechanic told me to wait until it gets 5.000 klm and then he will stick a 3M tape or something like that
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    brand new C400X - stalls

    before making this purchase , i searched a lot for both Honda forza and xmax 300 and 400. prices quoted to me: for the honda 6450 euros including the top case. xmax 300 , 6300euros , xmax400 for 7100. all scooters without plate and road tax. and i gave for the bmw 6700 euro key handed!! (only...
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    brand new C400X - stalls

    it is a true that some plastics creaking. i was told from my mechanic to wait some time (5000 klm?) and then he will apply to the joints "something" which i dont know what is. i ride the bike almost one month now and i am going to mention only the negative points
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    brand new C400X - stalls

    i bought my C400X end of July and since now no stalling problems. after the first 1000 klm oil change and did some control to throttle due to a recall (i had no idea). how do you check the update version?
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    bmw parts
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