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    Need a rear tire

    Yes Metzlers are the OEM tire.
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    Is it me or does anybody else have problems with filling the tires

    My dash always reads 3-4 pounds lower than actual tire pressure.
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    Remove variator without BMW special tool?

    I changed out to the 28g sliders and really not much difference. I was hoping it would get up and go from a stoplight faster. It does not. The area from like 20 to 60 MPH seems a bit more peppy. If you are already in there it is easy to do. For me I did all that work just to replace the...
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    Is it me or does anybody else have problems with filling the tires

    Yes saw the new beamer. It does look mighty uncomfortable. Maybe the hipsters in their skinny jeans can sit on that thing but my fat old ass won't last long on it. Prepare now for the sticker shock before you head to the Zero dealer. I got the SR/S model. Was more comfortable and...
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    Is it me or does anybody else have problems with filling the tires

    So far yes very different experience...knocking on wood. I absolutely love this bike. Well I love all my bikes.... The range issue most people point to is a non issue for me as my typical ride on any bike is about 40-50 miles. I do not have the attention span any longer than that. And I am...
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    Is it me or does anybody else have problems with filling the tires

    Always a challenge. Was pleasantly surprised on my new Zero that they have a 90 degree elbow on there. Super easy to check. Maybe next tire change can put some of those on there.
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    New member welcome thread..

    Welcome aboard. If you haven't already check with bmw that all recalls have been done. There is one that could be catastrophic to your engine if not updated.
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    Water in tank

    Personally if I knew there was water in there I would siphon it out with a hand crank pump I have. Then refill with known good gas.
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    2022 C 400 GT First Oil Change

    This one. OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for Android and Windows
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    2022 C 400 GT First Oil Change

    Motoscan app and dongle from OBD link will allow you to reset light.
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    SOLD - Kaoko throttle lock

    PayPal sent
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    SOLD - Kaoko throttle lock

    I would be interested if the above falls through or is otherwise too costly to get to the UK. Thanks.
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    Considering a 2015 C 650 GT

    I would suggest you go take it for a test drive. These bikes handle very well and are pretty comfortable for touring if you wanted to...not my thing... So the version ones had issues with chains jumping teeth and destroying engines. There was a recall for it. Highly recommend you contact BMW...
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    FOR SALE 2013 BMW C650 GT

    Totally agree Evil Spock. If I could get my hands on that Forza 750 with the DCT really I wouldn't need anything else. I sure hope they import it to the US.
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    FOR SALE 2013 BMW C650 GT

    Halls motorsports has a location in crestview florida also at same price. Check in to it....
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