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  1. davidh

    Stalling When Decelerating or Coming to a Stop

    OK, so my 2013 C650 GT just started something a little odd a month ago. When going > 30 MPH and coming to a stop, the engine stalls. I can restart it without any issue but it's certainly less than desirable. My thought was that the clutch wasn't releasing fast enough or something else in...
  2. davidh

    Washed Bike -- Now Won't Start

    So I washed my 2013 C650GT other day (nothing crazy, just a regular wash). When I finished I started it up, pulled into the garage, and went about my way. Next morning, I go to start and it won't turn over. I check the obvious things -- kill switch, side stand switch, brake lever switch --...
  3. davidh

    Dr. Pulley Clutch Life

    Anyone have experience with the life expectancy of the friction material on Dr. Pulley clutches? Here's what I have: -- 2013 BMW C650 GT -- 55,000 miles -- Dr. Pulley HIT Clutch 302002 V4 -- Stock clutch bell -- New belt and sliders (30G) I replaced the BMW clutch at 40k miles and...
  4. davidh

    Water Pump Replacement

    Anybody had any need to or experience with replacing the water pump on their C600/C650? I have my bike at the dealer for a valve adjustment and they're saying the pump is leaking from the weep hole. I've never seen any coolant under the bike and was just in that area on Sunday when I removed...
  5. davidh

    Duonic Bke Scan Professional

    Anyone have experience/thoughts with this: I'm getting REALLY tired of having to go to the dealer for windscreen calibration and probably other stuff. I'm open to alternative but $350 USD seems reasonably to avoid the hassle and dealer...
  6. davidh

    Battery Replacement without Breaking Windscreen

    Has anybody come up with a good way to disconnect the battery without "breaking" the windscreen adjustment mechanism on the C650 GT? Typically when the battery is disconnected (or is drained) the windscreen up/down functionality stops working until the dealer resets the low- and high-limit...
  7. davidh


    Brake Disc/Disk/Rotor Replacement So I'm at the dealer and am told I need new front and rear brake discs with 43k miles on the bike. I looked at what they wanted to charge me for the parts and labor and almost went into cardiac arrest. Replacement looks straightforward but I'm questioning the...
  8. davidh

    TMPS Battery Life?

    Anybody know what the battery life of the TPMS is? My 2013 C650GT is showing "--" for both front and rear tires.
  9. davidh

    C650/C600 Clutch Replacement

    Update; Do NOT use the Dr. Pulley clutch without messaging me first. It ended up costing me a new clutch bell (over $300 US) and I ended up going back to the stock clutch. It may not be perfect but sure beats replacing the clutch and bell after only 10,000 miles. There are a few different...
  10. davidh

    Clutch Life?

    Does anyone have a clue how long the clutch should last? I didn't pay super-close attention last time I replaced the belt and don't have any "signs" of the friction material getting low but better to ask now rather than be surprised. I'm getting close to 36k miles. I looked in the maintenance...
  11. davidh

    Replacing Brake Pads -- Crazy Simple

    Just finished replacing the front and rear brake pads on my 2013 C650 GT. The dealer did it the first time (around 15k miles) for insane $$$ so I figured I'd try it myself. Aside from the cost of the OEM pads (around $250 for a complete set -- two pair on the front and one pair on the rear)...
  12. davidh

    C650 GT Mirror Issue?

    Went to wash the bike the other day and noticed the right mirror looked a bit different than the left. On closer examination the entire assembly appeared to be much looser where it attached to the frame. I removed the side panel and battery and checked both screws; both appeared tight. I...
  13. davidh

    C650 GT Windscreen Adjustment Problem

    The battery in my C650 GT discharged to the point that it wouldn't start but it wasn't fully dead (the instrument cluster still came on). I plugged it into my tender overnight and everything is OK except that the windshield adjustment mechanism doesn't work. There's no noise when I press the...
  14. davidh

    C600 Sport/C650 GT Belt Replacement

    I did my first belt/roller replacement yesterday and figured I'd take a few pictures and provide some tips to those who haven't done it themselves. All in all, it was very straightforward without any nasty surprises. You will need a few specialized tools but nothing too crazy. I've included...
  15. davidh

    Belt Change Interval?

    What's the mileage interval between CVT belt changes? The maintenance schedules (posted on the WbW page indicate 20km, 30km, and 40km but that doesn't make sense. I'm guessing it's really 20 and 40km and the 30 km notation is a mistake.
  16. davidh

    Headlamp Woes

    Well, I just replaced my headlamp (low-beam headlight) for the third time -- that's four lamps in 16k miles. Each and every time the lamp has blown at startup. It was fine this morning when I got to work; this afternoon when I started it I had the dreaded "Lamp!" warning and, sure enough, it...
  17. davidh

    Front Wheel Removal?

    What tool is required to remove the front wheel? I know I have to remove the calipers (easy), the two "keeper" screws/bolts, but what about the "quick release hub" (with the enormous Allen head)? Is that piece threaded or does it just slide out once the two keeper bolts have been removed?
  18. davidh

    Roller Replacement at 4k miles?!?

    Well, perhaps I'm doomed. 2013 C650 GT with 13k miles on the odometer. The engine however has just 4k miles as it was replaced last fall due to a failed crankshaft bearing -- the belt/rollers/variator were part of the replaced engine. Starting a few weeks ago, I started getting a vibration...
  19. davidh

    Brake Fluid Change -- Really every 6k miles?!?

    Is it me or is specifying a brake fluid change every 10,000 KM (6k miles) seem excessive? Brake fluid is hydroscopic and will absorb moisture over time which is why a recommendation of every 2-3 years seems appropriate. I passed 6k miles in July 2013 and am now nearing the 12k mark. Do I...
  20. davidh

    Heat-troller Mounting?

    Got my first piece of heated gear for Xmas (First Gear 90W liner and dual-temp controller). I ran the cable from the battery under the right-side plastic into the pet carrier. Seemed smart at the time but now I'm not sure. Optimally, I'd like to have it accessible during trips and I've seem...
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