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    False Oil Check warning is intentional...

    You know when you cycle through through the options with the 'info' switch? If you're at a standstill, OIL will show up with some hyphens and display O/K if normal. Mine displayed LOW (I think) once, and I added no more than like two tablespoons full when the bike was COLD, on its centerstand...
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    FS: R&G footboard & exhaust sliders

    As seen here on their site: Cost $149 shipped to me. Still in the unopened box they came in. I''d like $100 Zelle or P/P to me, shipped to you conus Please close the...
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    clean windshield

    I would think that some distilled water in a spritzer bottle set on stream would do well for you, followed by the micro-fiber as others posted. It's spigot water that's going to leave water-spots.
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    '09 TMax vs '18 GT observations.

    Hoping to hear from you, SF. Still too cold on the island?
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    Extra REAR light-brake lights?

    Hmmmm. Hoping someone here would have added something, whether they can recommend it, or perhaps not.
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    New member welcome thread..

    Welcome Tom. I rode both size MP3s when I was in-the-biz. At 6'/32" inseam..around 250 at the time (LOL), I didn't find them all that comfortable. My feet and knees were pretty much confined to the one position, as there is no upturn in the floorboards. They have to have room for those dual...
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    Hopefully this will link and alert you with an email, LOL. Do you still have your GT goodies?

    Hopefully this will link and alert you with an email, LOL. Do you still have your GT goodies?
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    Talk me out of a C650GT ?

    Tom, I have a 32" inseam and can flat-foot it with sneakers. You won't have any trouble. The butt-bumper is easily removed with 3 allen-screws, and while what you're left with isn't pretty, it lets you take more advantage of the seat, and adds legroom. I was shocked to hear the weight comparison...
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    '09 TMax vs '18 GT observations.

    Member Delray has given me the nerve to post this. I just read how he kept his Burger in deference to the GT. I would have posted this last night, but about halfway through, I must've hit something that shut-down my computer. I composed this in e-mail draft to save what I have, LOL. I now...
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    Extra REAR light-brake lights?

    I've yet to search here, but I figured I'd post to get the latest and greatest from the members, anyway. If you have supplemented your C650s hind-end, please tell with what/how? I would be particularly enamored with BOTH: the OEM lamp having a rapid-flash/then steady sequence...supplemented by...
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    I joined-up today. A blue '18 GT

    Just had my 6K oil/filter today. But, I had a new set of Pirelli DiabloRosso tires put on, a new air filter, and brake lines flushed-new fluid. This marks 500miles for me on her, plus 500 on the Max. My comparison thoughts in another thread.
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    Red Warning light water temperature (HELP PLEASE)

    Wow, I was just asking the tech about this today. Specifically, is the TEMP display under info related to OUTSIDE (yes), or coolant (no). He didn't tell me there was a red warning lamp with regards to overheating. Good to know. (No, I haven't read the manual yet. That's like reading the...
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    I joined-up today. A blue '18 GT

    WHY on Earth would Suzie drop the best selling mega on OUR side-of-the-pond? Anyhoo, here is the miniscule (to me) drop-damage that allowed me to get a great deal on the GT....
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    I joined-up today. A blue '18 GT

    I seriously thought about taking pics of her in the sunlight, but I've been cooped-up too long and just wanted to ride it. Handed over the cash, then down to a Tag and Title place not more then a mile from the seller. Their connection with the state went down, and I thought I would have to come...
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    False Oil Check warning is intentional...

    Ok, if it's THAT do you make sure your scoot is LEVEL before checking and adding oil? Carpenter's level across the floorboards?
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    Other C series resources.

    They're not brand-specific, and seem to have many USA members....
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    Removing backrest on 2018 C650GT

    Jorge, you really described the improvement well. BUT... that seat adds SO MUCH to the looks of the machine, also. It really helps ease the sting of the cost
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    Beneath the Body Cover ... C650 GT

    Delray, awesome post for sure. Was there anything counter-intuitive, or even remotely daunting that you encountered? Did you constantly have to step inside and reference the DVD?
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    Here's the link of my youtube video (2013 C-600 Sport)

    WOW, you're far more aggressive than I ever would be. I LOVE how you dusted that red Shelby (or wanna-be) at the 5:51 mark.
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