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    FS: R&G footboard & exhaust sliders

    As seen here on their site: Cost $149 shipped to me. Still in the unopened box they came in. I''d like $100 Zelle or P/P to me, shipped to you conus Please close the...
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    '09 TMax vs '18 GT observations.

    Member Delray has given me the nerve to post this. I just read how he kept his Burger in deference to the GT. I would have posted this last night, but about halfway through, I must've hit something that shut-down my computer. I composed this in e-mail draft to save what I have, LOL. I now...
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    Extra REAR light-brake lights?

    I've yet to search here, but I figured I'd post to get the latest and greatest from the members, anyway. If you have supplemented your C650s hind-end, please tell with what/how? I would be particularly enamored with BOTH: the OEM lamp having a rapid-flash/then steady sequence...supplemented by...
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    I joined-up today. A blue '18 GT

    I seriously thought about taking pics of her in the sunlight, but I've been cooped-up too long and just wanted to ride it. Handed over the cash, then down to a Tag and Title place not more then a mile from the seller. Their connection with the state went down, and I thought I would have to come...
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