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    2017...Your Year to Challenge Yourself?

    Well you have had health issues but it is good to get all of the replacement parts done. I'm not walking or driving due to a toe operation. Two months in casts. Next year the other foot. When in Fla. where do you rent and what type of bike. Wish I could go to those shows. My RV just sitting...
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    What has everybody been up yo?

    I'm getting toe fusing and knee shots this winter. No RVing or tropical trips. Will use a knee walker and crutches. At least I will get a handicapped tag out of it. Aging is a bitch. Have to get everything done before sail racing this spring.
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    webBikeWorld compares 1st Gen and 2nd Gen C650 GT's

    Now a Morgan 3 Wheeler with an S&S motor hung out in front is probably the best attention getting motorcycle? one can buy. Of course you would have to sell a kidney to buy one. There is a UTube video comparing the Slingshot, Spyder and Morgan. I guess Morgans are being built and imported to...
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    webBikeWorld compares 1st Gen and 2nd Gen C650 GT's

    I rode the Spyder about 20 min. Most of the test was in a huge lot of the dealer with light poles one after another like a slalom course. The faster I rode the more the steering fought me. You have to lean your body into the turn and use your outside arm to push the bar. The thing has a lot of...
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    webBikeWorld compares 1st Gen and 2nd Gen C650 GT's

    Low prices yeah. I was offered a $4000 trade in on a new CanAm Spyder. Then I drove the Spyder and didn't like the steering and feel. Keeping the 650.
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    Closed circuit (sort of) for SteveADV

    Don't slip on the horse doobers.
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    Converting single headlight to dual

    I had the dealer's wife who works at the dealer tell me one headlight was out. Rather than some complicated fix I ride with the bright lamp on at the switch during the day so that I can be seen more easily.
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    Aftermarket sources

    The backrest looks great. Let us know how hard it is to mount and whether it interferes with pillion rider.
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    Roll Call March 2016

    Deflector Which deflector did you buy. Is it clamped or bolted on? I'm 6'4" and would like the windshield to be taller at times. Are you happy with it?
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    BMW System 6 EVO Helmet forehead pressure

    This group is way too focused. :confused:
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    C650 Sport is here - time for some revisions to the site?

    Past marketing failures: 2004 GTO with a single exhaust, 2010 Subaru WRX with a single exhaust, BMW autos marketed as M Sport, VW R autos with a Soundaktor faking sound of motor in cabin. Same with Ford and Porche. BMW having a bike with 650 cc marketed as a C600 Sport. IMHO this was doomed...
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    Links to accessories for our scooters here

    Should be stickyfied. Good post and info.
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    BMW System 6 EVO Helmet forehead pressure

    I like double Ds
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    There's a New Kid on the block...

    Looks good but too bad it has a CVT. I would like to see a scooter (Hondas not included) that uses a DSG transmission, My cars have had Brembo brakes and my current car has a 7 speed DSG why not scooters?
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    I'm convinced! My new C600

    How about a short discussion about bar weights. I have a Kaoko friction throttle control on the right which I love but it was quite a bit heavier than the stock bar end. I don't really notice the difference. Maybe I'm just not that sensitive to the weight issue.
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    Roll Call March 2016

    On the edge thinking about a 2016 but will wait for used at half price. Northern Oh waiting for dealer to pull mine out of storage and replace the brake line recall.
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    Got my recall notice today.

    Got my letter today to get the recall done. Will call the dealer tomorrow. My scooter is in storage at the dealer. I hope he can handle this job seems simple. I have never locked the steering. Oh well.
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    The bad news is...

    Thanks for the info. You have mentioned that dealer before. I will try them the next time I need service. The east side dealer is unimpressive with one mechanic (I call him butterfingers).
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    The bad news is...

    I still would like suggestions regarding a great dealer in Northern Ohio. My bike is in storage (part of the deal I worked out) with the dealer. I may be able to get it assuming there isn't a hold for the latest recall. It is easier to find a doctor or lawyer than find a superior BMW Motorad...
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