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    Side stand again

    What @zx10guy said -- I just ordered about a grand of shiny bits for my new-to-me GT from this site, and they got it Stateside quick and without hassle. But I'd also suggest that you toss the part numbers you need (no spaces) into an eBay search that looks like this BMW (12345678, 23456789...
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    Does 2017 C 650 GT have the hydraulic chain tensioner?

    Edit: They do make one for the Sport. Part # is 77 31 8 527 011. Looks like a $300 price tag. @zx10guy -- Here's a listing on eBay for a more manageable price for the Tucano Urbano Cessie linked -- if you wishlist the item, the seller might send you a special offer for a little less off the ask...
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    Does 2017 C 650 GT have the hydraulic chain tensioner?

    The 2016 GT I picked up is my first, my other 2 are Sports (1 running, the other with a wounded output shaft I'm trying to figure out how to rebuild without exceeding replacement cost). I have to admit that part of the reason I wanted a GT was a chance to play with all the accessories. For...
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    My new to me 2013 C650GT is limited to 97mph indicated speed. Previously modified?

    I hit 110 mph on my 2014 Sport more than a few times, and wasn't even at wide-open throttle, and was still capable of breaking 100 mph after I'd swapped to 28g Dr. Pulley rollers (I just don't specifically remember it going to 110, so I can't vouch for it. Yours should be similarly capable...
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    Does 2017 C 650 GT have the hydraulic chain tensioner?

    Bummer on the 2013, but if logistics weren't a factor, I'd have too many bikes. :) I just figured if you were on the hunt for a c650 again, you might've seen the black 2016 I snagged in Georgia for $3,000. It has a couple minor issues (gas spring that holds the seat up when opened needs...
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    Does 2017 C 650 GT have the hydraulic chain tensioner?

    Doubling down on what zx10guy said. By model year 2017 all c650s have a hydraulic tensioner. It's the first half of 2016 production that don't have them, but I've yet to pinpoint when the change got fully implemented on the assembly line, as all of my 2016s came with the less-good tensioner...
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    2016 C650 Sport. Need suspension advice for two up riding.

    In my explorations I didn't see any aftermarket springs or mounts to change the OE shock behavior, so while it might be possible, I bet you'd have to have something fabricated -- at which point, why not buy the Malossi? As for my bike, I just got a call with bad news, which I'll write up in...
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    2016 C650 Sport. Need suspension advice for two up riding.

    Hi. I don't have direct experience, but unlike California, over here on the East Coast we go through Winter -- and that's when I spend my time indoors and go shopping for stuff like this. :) Here are the options I found. Gears H2 EMC Shocks Nitron (mentioned in the thread over in the...
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    My question is can i use that LED bluish bulb

    Sorry for the late reply, Doc, haven't been on this board in a bit. To answer your questions: I'm using THESE. Did a pre-sales call with the team there, they promised they'd work, and they do. Beam pattern's largely identical to a stock bulb, because the emitter is (supposedly) positioned in...
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    My question is can i use that LED bluish bulb

    It's an H7 bulb -- any bulb of that size can fit (doesn't have to be a "motorcycle" bulb). I've used cheap ones, more expensive ones, and now have LEDs installed. Generally, the brighter bulbs run, the shorter the lifespan on the road.
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    Calliper service kit availability ?

    Hi Mike, I haven't seen any refurb kits for C-Series scooters -- for any sub-system of the bike. Dealers (both BMW and independent) tend to just order parts one-by-one I'm afraid. So you'll have to page through the BMW parts fiche for the stuff you want (HERE is a dealer close to me that I...
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    C650GT Rear Wheel Bearing Life

    On my 2016 Sport, I was told to replace the seals/bearing at my 6k service, and did so. At my 18k service (at a different dealership), the tech noted the same issue, and suggested seal replacement, but the owner of the dealership recommended I not bother repairing the seals, since this was a...
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    C650GT Rear suspension Upgrade

    Wow, great to see this in action, and glad to hear you like it. I did a search recently for shock/fork upgrades for my 650 Sport, and found this Nitron unit, in addition to models from Gears Racing and EMC. I didn't expect that Nitron UK would have issues with prepping this model, since...
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    That clicking noise i had

    I have to bet that's a relief. :)
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    Secure it?

    Xena disc lock for around NYC, with the bright orange tether from the lock to the throttle prominently displayed. Glad to hear the damage was minor.
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    Review of 2022 BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter

    Looks great for a suburban commute option, but not much more. Urban riders don't have enough charging options yet, and plugs get scarce once you get far enough away from a town. Riding the CE 04 for one of my frequent trips would add around 4 hours of charge time to a journey that already takes...
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    Fuel question

    A tank of lower grade fuel isn't going to harm your bike, especially if you're just chugging along at a steady speed. I wouldn't sweat it.
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    How Long Do You Let The Engine Warm Up

    This. I've tried letting the bike "warm up" and experimented with everything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. But it's not the engine that needs to come on line, it's the fuel injector, and idle doesn't seem to get it primed to do its thing. So now I just start the bike once I have gear and...
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    Dr Pulley rollers

    They'll last longer than you own the bike, I suspect, based on the anecdotes from long-term scooter owners on sites like 28 Grams are what I installed in my 2014 Sport, and my experience of the bike's performance matches that of @Delray and @Pappy13 -- more oomph off the line...
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