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    Extra REAR light-brake lights?

    I do not but they were very bright. I took them off before I sold my scooter. If interested they are just sitting in a bag. Shoot me an offer I can't refuse.
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    C650GT Cold Weather Apron - Just pay Shipping

    Was just looking at the pile of things from my scooter in the garage. Yes I do. Have an oil filter also.
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    Strapping Down a C650 GT for Towing

    I have loaded heavier bikes into pick ups and vans using a ramp barely wider than the tires. Instead of riding it up use the bikes power to essentially walk it up. If you need a step stool or something to step up on as it goes up the ramp makes it much easier. If not I wish you were...
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    Strapping Down a C650 GT for Towing

    When my scoot was shipped to me the transport guy had one strap through the rear wheel with a kind of sleeve around the strap so it didn't muck up the finish. Between that and the 2 straps up at the tree it was very secure.
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    C650GT Cold Weather Apron - Just pay Shipping

    It is for the 650gt. I am in Las Vegas, NV.
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    C650GT Cold Weather Apron - Just pay Shipping

    Got this apron from another member here maybe a year ago and never ended up using it. It has been used though but is complete and still in good shape. It was given to me and I paid about $40 for shipping and I would like the same back. So $40 including shipping..unless shipping is more than...
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    Mahle Oil Filter and 2 gallons of Mobil One 15W50 Oil For Sale

    Have these sitting on the shelf. I think I paid about $12 for the filter and around $60 for the oil. Make me an offer on it.
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    Kaoko Throttle Lock For Sale... SOLD

    Have a few items from my bike that either never got installed or took off. This throttle lock got installed but rarely used. I bought it here from a gentleman for $50 a few months ago and would just like to get that money back. Fits all years of C650 and C600. Complete instructions ready to go.
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    2014 C650GT For Sale

    Lol.. Felt like it for sure. Incredibly it has been sold since the day after listing it but the new owners could not make the trip up from San Diego to pick it up until today.
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    2014 C650GT For Sale

    See ad. Any questions let me know. Thanks.
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    WTB: Looking for a good used C 650 GT in the San Francisco Bay area...

    My 2014 with about 2200 miles on it will be for sale in the next few weeks. I am in Las Vegas not SF but shipping should be less than $500 . It is in impeccable shape. Fresh tires, oil change, etc... All up to date. If you are set on being local to you then I won't go on. If you want to...
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    MY 2014 C650GT will be for sale

    I know...totally impractical. But I can't help myself :p
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    MY 2014 C650GT will be for sale

    The socket under the emblem in the handlebars...Used a proper BMW end to wire in 2 usb ports. Yes...Bought a Zero SRS about 4 months ago. And after seeing this at CES put a deposit down on one of these...
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    MY 2014 C650GT will be for sale

    Figured that once I actually do a for sale ad in classifieds.
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    MY 2014 C650GT will be for sale

    So the electric motorcycle bug has hit me very hard and I find my self riding my very loved BMW less and less. In the next couple of weeks I will get some pics and put it in the for sale section. This is more or less saying bye I suppose. Have loved it here and at some point in the future...
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    I got screwed!

    Fantastic news. Very glad to hear this.
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    Time to change front tire?

    Yes there is tread left but there is some serious cracking happening there. To me a $200 tire change is not worth risking my life for.
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