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  1. eyad.karen

    Review of Segway Ninebot Max

    Hello Community! I recently got this segway ninebot scooter from . I would like to request you guys if you've any opinion for this scooter. I'll appreciate your's comments. Cheers, Karen.
  2. eyad.karen

    Kaoko Throttle Lock For Sale... SOLD

    Better to share with image's then its look promise-able.
  3. eyad.karen

    2014 C650GT For Sale

    The similar product are also looking good!
  4. eyad.karen

    Need to replace coolant 2016 c650 GT

    This information may help you!
  5. eyad.karen


    Yes! You can read recent blog or know form YT.
  6. eyad.karen

    More power

    Better to contact a motor garage which is near at you!!
  7. eyad.karen

    Need suggestion deciding on ae-trike

    I sold my e-bike few weeks ago and now I'm seriously considering to buy an e-trike. I like the fat tire and baskets would be good. I would like some suggestions if you can. I have been looking at the FT1900X and the Motan M330 big contrast in best price, but I do not see a big difference in what...
  8. eyad.karen

    2013 bmw c600 sport

    Price is perfect I've no doubt!
  9. eyad.karen

    New member in Northern Ireland

    Hi there Greeting!
  10. eyad.karen

    Hello! New member from The Netherlands

    Hello Mark, Greetings! I love Amsterdam. The city is vibrant and alive. It’s fresh and so open. It’s definitely one of my favorite places. By the way good to have you hear. Cheers, Karen
  11. eyad.karen

    Hello Community

    Hi, This is Eyad Karen, I'm a banker by profession. As many Scooters lover I'm one of then and my current TVS Jupiter. I would say all of you guys Hi...! Cheers.
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