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    Comment by 'La flecha Veloz' in media 'image4'

    Beautiful Sunday ride to Markleville, California
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    C600 Sport goodies for sale...

    I understand, I need to purchase the mount rack specific for the GT. Fortunately, Givi just happens to have a distribution center here in nearby Sparks, Nevada. Would you sell bags for $250? Please advise on payment transaction. Thank you,
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    C600 Sport goodies for sale...

    I see!! However, I'm still interested in the SIDEBAGS. How much just for that? Shipping included. 89701
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    C600 Sport goodies for sale...

    I'm a new member, and I own a 2015 GT I'm interested in the Givi saddlebags are they still avail, live in Carson City, Nevada. Please let me know. Thank you
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    Riding companion
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    Comment by 'La flecha Veloz' in media 'image13'

    Epic ride to Downieville, California. Over 200 miles, round trip.
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  13. La Flecha Veloz

    La Flecha Veloz

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    Taking ownership 6/26/2015. Sierra BMW Reno/Sparks.
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    Roll Call Fall 2015

    La Flecha Veloz present, 2015 GT
  17. La flecha Veloz

    La flecha Veloz

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