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  1. Doraemon

    junny16 you can download one form dynojet. I will look for mine, you can have a copy, just keep...

    junny16 you can download one form dynojet. I will look for mine, you can have a copy, just keep in mind that mine is no cat.
  2. Doraemon

    New member welcome thread..

    Ummm, maybe some.......[emoji48] Cosmic blue will whisper in your ear, pass EVERYONE. With a maniacal smile and evil laugh!
  3. Doraemon

    GPS mount

    The BMW stock mount actually uses rubber gromets. It is actually bolted to the handlebars. Then the GPS mount to frame uses foam gromets as well.
  4. Doraemon

    GPS mount

    if you gander at the gallery i am sure you can find my gallery and photos of a proper mount that doesnt ruin your screws in the brake reservoir.
  5. Doraemon

    GPS mount

    Stock mount on middle of handlebars isn't that expensive. Looks better, I mount Samsung note/GPS there
  6. Doraemon

    2013 c600 (RR) for sale

    Additionally, a deposit of 50% will get a one way ticket (I have a lot of American airline miles) and I will put $250 towards u haul if you don't ride it away. I really want a Good home for her.
  7. Doraemon

    2013 c600 (RR) for sale

    Well fellow scooter riders, I'm softly selling my blue thunder. My Job prospects are gearing up for another move overseas, that means a fire sale to lighten the load. I don't intend to quit the forum hopefully my next country I move too will have one I can afford. two prospects are Philippines...
  8. Doraemon

    Greetings from Calgary Alberta

    Welcome. Ill be up that way in a few months to visit some customers. Hope we can meet up
  9. Doraemon

    Bought new bike today

    Ive been looking at it as well. I feel the urge to speed to much on the pschyo sport, good for solo rides. But need a slow and low that can fit in my garage with the sport and 2 cars....
  10. Doraemon

    Hello from Ann Arbor, Michigan!

    Welcome from seattle
  11. Doraemon


    Man that sport is really hidden, took me awhile to find it. Then i realize it in the best color....
  12. Doraemon


    Welcome to the brotherhood
  13. Doraemon

    Just Say'n Hello...!

    Welcome to the community. Sport owners are the craziest....
  14. Doraemon

    More C600 windscreen choices than just GIVI...

    Here it is, found online.
  15. Doraemon

    More C600 windscreen choices than just GIVI...

    I use a smaller type from ermax or mca i cant remembr. Id check but im 35000 ft heading south to chihuahua mexico. It is adjustable, i set it slightly above and in front on my stock wind screen (middle position) and it cuts the wind well for me up to 85mph.
  16. Doraemon

    Hello from SW Missouri.

    I know he hasn't, just saw his pic with my father whom lives nearby. They had a great looking trip, all on burgs....
  17. Doraemon

    Need a new battery

    Finally home on a grwat day and the battery dies preventing me from having a nice ride. ...[emoji35] Ordered a lith-ion batt from shorai[emoji1]
  18. Doraemon

    Yamaha updates the TMAX for 2015, and we probably won't get this one either in the US

    Keep abs off hardleys, help control the population. We keep protecting those mother nature wants to weed out. Not just hd riders but crotch bike exhibitionist whom wear no helmet and ride wheelies at 80 on a busy freeway. Thats begging for removal from mother nature.... Just sayin'...give MN a...
  19. Doraemon

    meaning of your username

    ok where is Skutor for the comment. he he
  20. Doraemon

    meaning of your username

    Doraemon is an Anime from Japan, one of the oldest. It seems a great great grandson of a man wanted a better life. he couldn't send a top of the line robot back in time to help. he could only afford a second hand semi broken cat robot "Doraemon" Doraemon has a pocket he can pull useful objects...
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