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  1. SteveADV

    2017...Your Year to Challenge Yourself?

    Why not? Here's a rider that did just that a few decades ago. Talk about a challenge....
  2. SteveADV

    Maxi-Scoots Forum

    I have probably posted this in the past, but just in case you missed it... Lots of interesting stuff and good folks.
  3. SteveADV

    Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

    Think about it...
  4. SteveADV

    This Would Have Been Easier On a BMW C Bike

    You know you want to do this...
  5. SteveADV

    Another Record Year for BMW Motorcycles
  6. SteveADV

    Here's Something to Try with Your Beemer

    So, who wants to try it....
  7. SteveADV

    A New Type of Hat

    Something new. No pricing as of the moment and only Australian availability right now, but looks interesting. What do yah think?
  8. SteveADV

    Great Modular Helmet Buy

    This is a good one at a great price... FWIW, I have no connection to either company (other than being a Revzilla customer).
  9. SteveADV

    AIMExpo Orlando

    Anybody going? I'm doing a Saddlesore down Thursday and then some dealer stuff on Friday. After that the first beer is on me. PM me if you want to get together.
  10. SteveADV

    So, Now That We Are Truly An International Forum...A Few Jokes About Ourselves

    An Australian friend of mine sent me the following.... *********************************************** Aussies: Believe you should look out for your mates. Brits: Believe that you should look out for those people who belong to your club. Americans: Believe that people should look out for and...
  11. SteveADV

    Side Cars

    So...Anybody tried a side car? Been thinking about one since my daughter's dog, Phil (yeah, I know, but named after a favorite uncle) decided that I was his favorite; at least that's my side of the "Who does Phil really belong to" argument. I can see good old Phil and I (he's a very young 10...
  12. SteveADV

    Daytona or Bust on a C650GT

    Didn't find this anywhere on the forum, so for those that do not subscribe to the BMW ON magazine here yah go.... (excellent magazine BTW)
  13. SteveADV

    Best First Bike

    So, I recently had a contest among my 3 bikes (KLR650, Harley Road King Classic, and even had my CGT in the mix) to see which would sell first as I need to get down to two. Could have sold all 3. Ended up selling none. Too many new riders and I had visions of sending someone out with a bike that...
  14. SteveADV

    Picture Thread

    Lots of pictures all over the forum, but how about a place for a quick view of your bike. Here's mine....
  15. SteveADV

    Maxi-Scooter Calendar

    Here's one with some great pictures. Some of you might recognize the May bike.... M-Scoot : Maxi-Scoot Forum Shop
  16. SteveADV

    Thank You BMW

    So many times these forums catch the complaints about the manufacturer and not the good stuff, so I thought I would just put in a good word for the builder of my C650GT...Thanks. It is a great machine. Today in Northeast Ohio it is sunny but December cold; a perfect day for a ride (for this...
  17. SteveADV

    A Brotherhood Like No Other
  18. SteveADV


    We have touched on this in other threads but I thought we should have a thread that includes some insight from some of our uber experienced bikers.... Here's my contribution. What do you think? S100 Total Cycle Cleaner (Go down to the midsite and watch the video if you have not seen it)
  19. SteveADV


    So, we have this 60+hp machine under us. We can go anywhere and can get there fast... or slow and relaxed. However we decide to do it, what do we have have on our noggin? Here's mine....with the gas cover as an ornament (ok, I don't really have the ornament, but it is kinda Buckeye scarlet and...
  20. SteveADV

    Ear Plugs

    So we have had a couple misc discussions about ear plugs, but let's get down to it! Who uses what and what do you like or dislike? Mine, when I remember to use them, are the cheap shooting range foam things. I have thrown them away while riding when they did absolutely nothing! What do you use?
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