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  1. SteveADV

    2013 C650GT fuel flap broken

    I'll look for my extra one and PM you if I find it.
  2. SteveADV

    Bmw c650 gt

    Less than a minute
  3. SteveADV

    BMW C650 GT vs. Burgman 650

    Yup, the big scooters have a lot to offer. Sport tourers like the NC750 (really not much of a crotch rocket) are different animals for sure. While heat and suspension upgrades can always be added, cruiser type ergos and large under seat storage make the maxi-scoots good choices for those who...
  4. SteveADV

    BMW C650 GT vs. Burgman 650

    "Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with a big scooter. I'll never go back to shifting. My enjoyment and (more importantly) reaction time while riding is exponentially better. If a car cuts you off and you have to react quickly, there's no, "Oh cr*p, what gear should I be in? Will I...
  5. SteveADV

    What made you choose BMW over Burgman?

    Hmmm....Just like your purchase of the s1000xr, a lot depends on your riding game plan. I have owned a C650GT and found it to be completely trouble free (13,500 miles) and one of the most comfortable motorcycle/scooters I ever purchased. But I would also look at the BMW 400 scooter as well as...
  6. SteveADV

    Uglier version of my C600 sport...

    Of course whether or not you like the looks is subjective. As for me, I like the looks a ton. Sort of an adventure scooter kinda vibe.
  7. SteveADV

    Hi from Dallas!

    Hey Andrew, That white looks pretty doggone great and I imagine the backrest is pretty useful.
  8. SteveADV

    electrical connection for heated gear (gerbing)

    Say whaaat?? Sounds like the surgeon describing to my wife what he had to do to my knee after my last minor accident.
  9. SteveADV

    Blind spot mirror for the C650GT

    I, too, like those mirrors, but, yeah, the "lifesaver" can be exactly that.
  10. SteveADV

    2nd Generations Scooter Quesitons

    Yeah, man, that Tracer is a beauty and it rides as good as it looks. If you want to save a few bucks, you might want to consider a used FJ-09. Same basic machine as the Tracer. But I get it. That tracer, with its color, styling, wheels, matching sidecases, light weight, etc. is pretty cool.
  11. SteveADV

    2nd Generations Scooter Quesitons

    No doubt. Right now, the GSA checks is all the boxes for me. However, if I were to go to a step-through type design as my primary bike, the CGT would be at the top of my list.
  12. SteveADV

    2016 C 650 GT Highline S. Illinois $6,749.00

    Plus it has Skutorr's favorite accessory sitting on the tail end of the bike:D (Interesting location for a photo shoot. )
  13. SteveADV

    Scooter AND Motorcycle Riders

    You would probably have no problem riding different bikes. And I agree that if you are considering owning 2 bikes that you consider different end use configurations. The RT is a great bike with more power and doodads but about the same weight as the CGT and similar uses. The 310 is a great idea...
  14. SteveADV

    2nd Generations Scooter Quesitons

    Well, that left everyone speechless;) Hey Sean, I, too, think about re-visiting the BMW C bikes. Spend most of my time on a 1200GSA, but there was always something about that touring scooter. The convenience, low cog/super easy to handle, plenty of power. Hmmmm....might be trying to talk...
  15. SteveADV

    Iron Butt Ride

    Welcome to the world of Iron Butt riding.....You freakin' maniac!;) I belong to the same gang and find long distance riding in a "gonna get there today(!)" mode to be a hoot. Love leaving NE Ohio at 4am when it's cold and arriving that evening in Florida to warm temps and with all kinds of...
  16. SteveADV

    Is the C650 too much machine to serve as a first-ever bike?

    Geez oh man you OSU guys (that is the "other" OSU) :D.... Of course you never dropped the Chief, it carries its weight very low like most huge cruiser set-ups and you are super conscious of its weight. Besides its a freakin' rolling work of art; you better not drop it! My guess is most drops...
  17. SteveADV

    Replace front light bulb

    Yeah man, I know the feeling. Any pictures of the side rails?
  18. SteveADV

    Desperate needing help on a 2015 c650GT

    Yup, I agree. Tech knowledge may vary.
  19. SteveADV

    Helllo from Central Texas If you have not already, check out the above. Not the same as sitting and riding a bike, but should give you an idea. I found the Tmax a little cramped for me (6'2" x 33"inseam) and the CGT perfect. I don't remember if I ever actually drove the sport version but the specs...
  20. SteveADV

    BMW top box, does a XXL helmet fit inside?

    Yup. Something like this...
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