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    650 GT Ground Clearance

    Congratulations! Your scooter looks great with you on it. ;)
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    Scooter rumors/wishful thoughts?

    Wish they would design a lower seat height! BMW would likely sell more to Asian if they did.
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    Suggestions on how to lower seat height

    Hi Byee. I have a C400GT. Just took delivery of the scooter last Wednesday and am getting used to the seat height, but I did order the OEM lowered seat which is coming in 4-5 weeks I am told. Thanks for your feedback.
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    I got hit!

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Good thing nothing happened to you. Damage can be fixed. i make it a point to park my bike where I can keep an eye on it. If I go to others places that I can’t see my bike, I take the car.
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    brand new C400X - stalls

    Getting our 2020 C400GT next week. Wonder if all the existing known defects have been rectified? Not satisfactory if they release new inventory knowingly that current product recall notices have not yet been performed.
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    Suggestions on how to lower seat height

    Being vertically challenged, I am considering to have my seat re-upholstered to reduce the seat height. Are there other alternatives out there liike replacing the rear shock absorber springs? Your suggestions will be appreciated.
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