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    no CVT belt arrows

    Changed the belt and swapped the rollers for Dr Pulley sliders (bike at 21,000 miles and I think the original belt) used one of the ones in someones post not OE BMW and it has no arrows for mounting, not the Mitsobishi either. Since It had no arrows I installed the belt so the lettering could...
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    2 Michelin pilot 4 rear tires for $92.40 delivered

    They were 42.24 each, plus tax plus the Ga. $2.00 per tire fee, ordered from Amazon, saw the price and did several re-reads, checking size, and price, looking to see if they were "blems", after I looked everything over again I placed an order for 2, the order went through, they took my payment...
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    Pictures now Available windshields that won't break the bank

    I'm sure this has been covered at length and in depth but I have a new player. I will be able to compare 2 replacement, aftermarket windshields to the stock offering. One is the "Ermax" and the other isn't in my hands yet but will come from a company that is VERY well liked (judging from the...
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    favorite online BMW parts?

    I need some of the Unirex N3 grease before I start the sliders and belt, who do you like?
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    Parts from a member

    I purchased parts from bmwben, flawless, fair price, quick shipped and well wrapped, exactly as expected. Thanks Ben
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    That was weird

    Changed the oil on the 2013GT for the first time, wanted a look around so I removed the side panels to get a good view, changed the oil and filter, cleaned the screen and buttoned it all back up. Topped it all off while on the lift table then backed it off, thirty minutes later went for a...
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    Hello from McDonough, Ga

    Just purchased a 2013 C650GT and am loving it! Have had motorcycles since 1972 up until 2 weeks ago when I sold the VTX1800R, went border to border, coast to coast in 1973 just before I joined the Army (on a 3 cylinder 2 stroke Suzuki). The scoot I bought was NOT taken care of, has white...
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