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    Upgraded Roller Weights?

    Does anyone know the dimensions and weight of the stock roller weights? I'd like to start experimenting with some lighter ones...
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    Adding heated grips/seat?

    I picked up a lightly used C400X with the connectivity package but not the heated grip/seat package. The price was too hard to pass up. I see that BMW has the factory heat grips available now at a pretty crazy price however, has anyone added heated grips/seat?
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    Windshield Options?

    I have a C400X, looks like BMW has a tall screen option but that's only 2 inches taller, seems hardly worth it. I've also seen the Givi option, that one looks almost too big/wide and weird shaped. Any other options? I'm 6 feet tall and would probably like to add about 4-6 inches to the screen...
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    Are These Common C400 Issues?

    I just picked up a C400X (Former C600 Sport owner). I have noticed some oddities that I don't have with my other scooters and was just wondering if they are normal on this platform... 1. Front Brake Lever- You have to pull this quite far to get it to start working unlike the rear brake lever...
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    C600 Sport goodies for sale...

    I got some goodies off my C600 Sport for sale if anyone is interested. $75 - White Lion header $50 - Shad rear rack for top case $100 - Givi Windshield and Hand Deflectors (2 small stress cracks that haven't gotten any larger over time) SOLD - $75 - Kaoko Throttle Lock SOLD - $300 - Akrapovic...
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    FS: Malossi Wild Lion Racing header

    I have a Malossi Wild Lion header for the C600/C650, used it for about 2 weeks so its still pretty new. $110 Shipped to the Continental US Malossi Wild Lion Racing Header for BMW C 650 GT M3215932 [3215932] - $169.99 : Scooter Parts, yamaha, piaggio, moped, vespa scooters performance...
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    Anyone have an Akrapovic baffle they pulled out of their muffler they want to sell?

    I did the header pipe today and it might be too loud for my liking, Last year I took the baffle out of the akrapovic muffler, It got pretty banged up taking it out so I just tossed it. Wish I had kept it now. Anyone have one they want to sell me?
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    Intake noise... Too loud...

    The noise coming from the front of the motor that has that warble sound is pretty darn loud unless your are cruising very lightly. I have the Akro exhaust with the baffle removed and its still way louder than that. (The intake noise sounds like a farm tractor, just terrible) Anyone ever try...
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    DR Pulley 3020 vs 3020R ?

    I got my DR Pulley slider weights today, they look slightly different than most sliders I have seen. That's when I noticed there is a 3020 and a 3020R version and both are listed as for the BMW C650/C600. I'm not really sure the correct orientation to install these since they seems to differ...
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    Stripped screws on windshield :(

    Got my Givi windshield yesterday, Went to remove the 4 bolts on the stock windshield and the top 2 ones just spin, if I look at the back side I can see the threaded insert just spinning in the plastic and there's not an easy way to hold it from the back. Anyone run into this? Any tricks? I hate...
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    Seat not unlocking consistantly

    Most of the time I come out to the scooter with one hand full of stuff and I use the other hand to attempt to unlock the seat. It almost always doesn't unlock so I have to put all of my stuff down on the ground and pull up on the seat while unlocking it. I haven't noticed any adjustment screw...
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    Akrapovic Muffler baffle screw...

    Akrapovic Muffler baffle, how the heck? I installed the muffler last night. But now I want to remove the baffle to see how much louder it might be, problem is I should have done that before hand as I can't see what type of screw is behind the rubber cap as it faces the tire. Does anyone who...
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    GPS mounts

    I have a regular car TomTom GPS that would be nice to throw on the scooter for trips. We don't have easily accessible handlebars for handlebar mounts. So I was wondering about just using the suction cup mount built into the GPS unit itself. You think that would work well on the bike windshield...
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    Anyone tackle the spark plugs yet?

    Can't even really see the motor at all, but I know its hiding in there somewhere ;) From the pictures the top of the head and spark plugs should be up behind the radiator somewhere. I assume I need to remove alot of the side plastics. But wondering if the hump where you feet slide through comes...
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    FS: Repsol Moto 4T Rider Oil - 4 Liters - $20

    I bought a 4 liter jug of this oil to put in my scooter but it ended up showing up late and I didn't get to use it. Repsol Moto Rider 4T - 15W50 - 4L. RP165M54: Automotive I am in Southern NH and could certainly deliver within reason, Its probably not worth the hassle to ship this...
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    2 up sustained highway riding

    My older 220cc scooter didn't like running high in the rpm range for extended periods of time as I think that's what made the CVT belt let go at 1800 miles. However what we have here in the BMW is something a little more beefy.. I'm planning a 4 hour trip with a passenger and wonder how the...
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    C600 seat notch?

    Any idea what the notch in the middle of the seat just behind the riders bump is for?
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    Difference in Racks?

    Was looking at the Givi site and they list 2 different mounts for the Monokey top cases. Any idea what the difference in the two is? (Its the first and the third in the picture) Top Case Mounting
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    Temp gauge way off

    Has anyone else noticed the temp gauge being way off? Even after sitting all night so as not to get false readings from engine heat its 10 degrees off. This also apparently messes with the auto grip and seat heat settings as they use outside temp to determine heat output. Anyone get that fixed...
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    Speedo Accuracy

    Has anyone done any verification of the Speedo vs a GPS for accuracy? Usually motorcycle speedometers ready high, Just wondering if the same is the case here..
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