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    I got screwed!

    I am crossing my fingers that they are just in the middle of fixing it for you.
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    I got screwed!

    Ouch. I sure hope they make it right. I just read a similar story on FB. Guy ended up having to pay for the parts and BMW paid for the labor.
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    Will the Bmw c650 gt scotter be continued?

    Yes the forza 750 looks awesome but alas not available in the US...:rolleyes:
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    Thats as good an excuse as any for an upgrade....
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    How do you lift a C650GT onto the centerstand?

    I do it a little different but works for me. I steady the bike bars and get my foot on the centerstand making sure both feet are on the ground and bike is resting on them then use both hands on rear grab handle and it pulls right up. I found trying to hold the bars and one hand on the grab...
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    Clip broke some how?

    Yes air filter and battery are in the upper right side fairing. 4 screws to remove to get to it.
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    Need the 9-1-1 on GS-911 for TPMS sensor replacement

    Also understand that many of the ecus listed are maybe not on your bike.
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    Running out of gas? Handy GT tip ....

    Wow cool little feature. Like finding game cheats when I was a kid!
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    BMW belts for our bikes.

    Someone tried one of those cheaper belts a little while back and the result was not good. Broke in pretty short order.
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    This BMW of mine.

    Looks like this?
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    Welcome addition to the stable

    So I went haywire and picked up a Honda CTX700 DCT this past week. I have to tell you all that if I could figure out a way to take the motor and transmission out of the Honda and get it in the gt it would be a perfect machine. If you have never ridden anything with the dct transmission DO IT...
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    C650GT - preload spring adjustment clearance

    James, Looks the same as mine but with the angled handle of the tool mine just fits for one notch at a time adjustment. You could take the side plastic off...not that crazy hard and should give plenty of room then.
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    C650GT - preload spring adjustment clearance

    Just went out to take a look. There is room in there for me as the tool angle gives great clearance. Was able to go up or down on preload one divot at a time.
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    Jeepers Creepers ....

    Yep I installed some skene lights front and rear. They flicker as you ride for conspicuity. I believe some people think I am a cop at times. And the rear brake led's are crazy bright to wake people up from their driving coma.
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    repair manual for a 2016

    Got mine from ebay. Shipped me the DVD and has worked fine. Here is the link...
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    Jeepers Creepers ....

    Agreed. Just did an advanced MSF class last month. Good reminder every so often about how out of touch with the world many drivers are. You have to be extra vigilant because whether you are legally right or wrong physics will settle the score and on a bike you are always on the losing end.
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    BMW c650 gt screen not working

    Yep almost any time the battery is disconnected you run a very good chance of the computer not remembering where the screen is at. Dealer will charge about 50 dollars to recalibrate it.
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    Need the 9-1-1 on GS-911 for TPMS sensor replacement

    Sweet success. Love to hear stories like this. Do you have a link for the wake up tool?
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    Chain Rail Replacement

    Great write up. Thanks for sharing. I am a ways off from even thinking about this but when the time comes I will search out this post.
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