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  1. Sparkrn

    Front tyre wear

    Every 6k I replace front and back. My cargo is too important. ME! Metzler always, best grip all day!
  2. Sparkrn

    Here's the link of my youtube video (2013 C-600 Sport)

    I’m moving there just so I can do that lane splitting thing. Illinois sucks, did I mention the snow thing here too!
  3. Sparkrn

    Windshield question (C650GT)

    The stock one is worth spending the money for
  4. Sparkrn

    looking to purchase a new BMW C 650 sport in black

    There is one at countryside near chicago
  5. Sparkrn

    Survey says...mileage

  6. Sparkrn

    Survey says...mileage

    2014 GT. 15000 miles. Only bike
  7. Sparkrn

    BMW top box, does a XXL helmet fit inside?

    The bmw top case is huge, your head would have to be grossly big for a helmet not to fit
  8. Sparkrn

    Hang on!

    The bike can handle the wight fine, adjust the preload accordingly, but someone not riding with you properly is super dangerous. Someday you will lean into a corner and if she leans the same way, we’ll you know the result I would buy a Can am or a trike if you want to continue riding with...
  9. Sparkrn

    Led headlight?

    Does anyone know of a LED headlight bulb that works with our canbus system? That doesn’t send out error codes. I am so sick of replacing bulbs in the headlight t assembly!
  10. Sparkrn

    Handlebar power plug, my last needed modification

    Your last needed mod is cruise control. Hey BMW, ARE YOU LISTENING, ”BUILD IT AND THEY WILL BUY IT.”
  11. Sparkrn

    Windscreen height

    If your @ 5-8” I would say the screen is too high. I’m 5-10” and never fully extent the wind screen.
  12. Sparkrn

    BMW MOA International Rally 2018 Iowa

    If I go it will be Saturday and Sunday only. Maybe I'll see you there
  13. Sparkrn

    BMW MOA International Rally 2018 Iowa

    I may be interested, what do they do at these events?
  14. Sparkrn

    How's your gas mileage?

    47 is about right mpg.
  15. Sparkrn

    2016 GT with 1,600 miles, top case, Nav V for $7,500 - worth it?

    White is a good color . I just think it will be a cold ride home this time of year . They are pretty good bikes, buy it
  16. Sparkrn

    Headlight burned out?

    Thread revisit. At 13000 miles I just put the forth low beam lamp in. As anyone found a better lamp yet?
  17. Sparkrn

    Roll Call Spring 2017

    Sparkrn. 2014 GT
  18. Sparkrn

    My GT is boring!

    I wish I had real cruise control so my GT would be even more boring!
  19. Sparkrn

    Weight Limit and riding 2 up

    450 on mine all the time No problems
  20. Sparkrn

    Should I trade?

    Yes, do the trade
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