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  1. Sparkrn

    Led headlight?

    Does anyone know of a LED headlight bulb that works with our canbus system? That doesn’t send out error codes. I am so sick of replacing bulbs in the headlight t assembly!
  2. Sparkrn

    Gas smell?

    I have noticed lately that when I'm done riding and park the GT in the garage, I quickly can smell raw fuel around the bike. Has anyone had a leak or clogged part that could send me in the right direction?
  3. Sparkrn

    BMW 1200 RT or Triumph Trophy?

    As the title says which one should I get and why? They are so similar in features.
  4. Sparkrn

    Rear wheel stud torque

    Does anybody know what the torque should be on the rear wheel bolts . Changing the tire today.
  5. Sparkrn

    Metzler tires

    Bought new tires this weekend so I thought this might help who's looking for new OEMs. Motorcycle superstore has nothing, I got the last front, they have no rear. J&P has the rears only still in stock. I think Poweresports has the front only. It seems no one has both front and rear...
  6. Sparkrn

    Amerivespa anyone?

    Thinking of running over to Indy this weekend to checkout all the scooters. Most will be Vespas, was wondering if anyone is coming in on there BMW?
  7. Sparkrn

    Member status?

    Does anyone know what are the requirements to move from junior member to member to senior member are. From what I can tell it has nothing to do with senority. Is it purely by number of post or something else. A combination of things?
  8. Sparkrn

    Bmw moa rally in billings montana

    I was just wondering if any scooters will be making it to the big BMW rally in Montana. I'm thinking of going to it and was wondering if anything special is going on for the scooter crowd.
  9. Sparkrn

    Cruise control please

    Is there any cruise control available for the BMW scooter? Something to adapt to it or made for another bike that will work. Such as BMW other bikes cruise system. Any rumors of a aftermarket or future system. I already have a throttle lock so don't go there! I've had the scoot for 3 weeks...
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