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  1. Thom Davis

    C600 instruments-speedometer

    Well, not receiving any replies, I decided to get a stick on gps unit. Turns out it was pretty economical. I mounted it above the dash and a separate power supply (cell phone battery recharger) at the same location. Very easy to see speed now and will have to take the battery in to charge...
  2. Thom Davis

    C600 instruments-speedometer

    Perhaps because I'm older, but I have a really hard time telling what speed I'm going unless the sun is directly behind me and illuminating the speedo. The actual speedo is also too small since I can't tell if I'm going between 40 and 50 or 50 and 60 (that is, the circle is too small so the...
  3. Thom Davis

    C650 Cam Chain Tensioner UK

    Skutorr, we know you hate BMW scooters. You've said it over and over. You say over and over ad nauseum that it has QC problems, design issues and (probably the most accurate) a price issue and value for money. BUT, you have yet to show a bike that is prettier or has the same curb appeal...
  4. Thom Davis

    C650 Cam Chain Tensioner UK

    Good luck. The mechanic at my local shop had a "heck" of a time getting one bolt out. Heated and cooled it but never freed...I'm not sure how he finally ended up getting it out, but he did. Hope yours is easier.
  5. Thom Davis

    Dealership Disaster

    It is unfortunate...yes, it probably is a good idea to take photos of your bike before taking to unknown dealership...having anything happen on a reasonable schedule is not an expectation likely to be upheld in motorcycle repair, hit or miss even on oil changes. Only thing you can do is write...
  6. Thom Davis

    Red Warning light water temperature (HELP PLEASE)

    First try replacing the sensor that reads the coolant temp.
  7. Thom Davis

    What made you choose BMW over Burgman?

    Chose BMW over Burgman because of colors available (like the cosmic blue). Also, BMW has name recognition. Nice to have toys that folks are impressed by just by hearing the name. Had I been buying for commute or similar, I'd probably have gotten a honda for reliability.
  8. Thom Davis

    Storing the scooter for 30 days

    Nice thing about mechanical devices, they don't remember what happened last month or even an hour ago. It won't care that you are suddenly ignoring it.
  9. Thom Davis

    Replacing the front headlight bulb

    Pretty straightforward as well on the 600 sport. However, it isn't obvious how to unplug the plug without knowing how the bulb looks. It has to be pried off with a screwdriver but be careful not to break the plastic tabs holding the assembly to the reflector. I gotta say, this bike is more...
  10. Thom Davis

    Gas Can for emergency... I know a liter isn't gonna get me far, but it might save me from walking the 500 pound bike.
  11. Thom Davis

    First ride -- 2018 C650GT

    What, you think I"m stupid? The bike COG is at least 5 inches higher than my old hog. Engine is higher up, body is higher up, frame sits, I'm not an idiot.
  12. Thom Davis

    First ride -- 2018 C650GT

    Curious that you think the bike has a low COG. My sport sits way too high to suit me--but maybe the GT sits lower. My Harley was my favorite as far as sitting position. Also, the dashboard gages (particularly Speedo) are very difficult to read in sunlight (might be my shades). My C600 is a...
  13. Thom Davis

    Motoscan app and service indicator

    Well, since I have a calendar, I just reset the date on the bike which reset the maintenance indicator. Just sayin'...
  14. Thom Davis

    Long Term ownership of C650GT questions

    If you can afford to do so, a new bike will have fewer issues for the next 24K miles. You apparently rely on it for commuting to work...don't want your commute vehicle to be in the shop for a week or longer, right? Personally, I'd also switch to a more reliable and easier to maintain brand...
  15. Thom Davis

    Changing final drive oil/lube

    David, we get soaked in N. CA for everything. We paid for bridges built a century ago and they still charge us five bucks to go across (when I moved here a trip across the bridge was under fifty cents). Oh well, what can't be cured...
  16. Thom Davis

    Washed Bike -- Now Won't Start

    Good detective work, Sherlock. SO, bottom line, it didn't really have anything to do with washing the bike, right? Now I feel safe washing my bike again. :)
  17. Thom Davis

    Who does their own oil changes? there are others, as well. bmw will probably void the warranty if you dont use their oil....which is expensive stuff--of course everything bmw breaks my wallet. glad i found out about their expense with a bike...wont buy one of their cars now. they...
  18. Thom Davis

    2014 vs 2016 vs 2019

    Well, its not as easy to find in google as you'd probably want. Here's an excerpt from the press release in late 2015...but, being a press release it is very light on technical details and more into hype...FWIW New CVT set-up in conjunction with revised clutch linings for more dynamic clutch...
  19. Thom Davis

    ECU Reflash There are about a dozen dyno centers near San Jose. Call 'em and let them do the read/reflash. Ask them about removing the governor at the top end. Personally, think it is a waste of time/effort for a cvt scooter -- especially a road hog like the...
  20. Thom Davis

    ECU Reflash

    Have you taken the ECU out? Do the part #s match any other BMW ECUs e.g., BMW 5 series.
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