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  1. Skutorr

    I got screwed!

    ...and all this is why BMW no longer imports, makes or sells the C-Series Scooter anywhere on earth. They decided to just AXE the poor design permanently, rather than spend any more $ on trying to make it EURO-5 compliant. (Everyone else did though...)They even axed the C-Evolution electric...
  2. Skutorr

    Adding a Kymco AK550 to the stable. They are now Available in the USA

    No, it's a BMW-designed engine, made in China as cheaply as possible and supervised by KYMCO. That's why it had so many recalls, timing chain debacles, etc. KYMCO has NEVER built anything that slipshod...
  3. Skutorr

    I got screwed!

    ...and that is why I'm hoping for the Honda Forza 750 to make it to the US.....
  4. Skutorr

    $1300 for 12k service - 2016 C650GT

    The 600 mile oil change is to: 1.) check for leaks, etc. and 2.) remove the oil that has the metal particles in it from the initial piston ring/cylinder wall break-in...
  5. Skutorr

    Exhaust Mod?

    Seat-of-the-pants Dyno...
  6. Skutorr

    Fuel Smell after a ride ('19 GT)

    You CAN'T shame a BMW dealer....
  7. Skutorr

    Nissin 3 por caliper

    In Coarsegold, off highway 41 just south of Yosemite. We HAVE to go riding the Sierra this Spring!
  8. Skutorr

    Exhaust Mod?

    Emulator plus a better (less-restrictive) exhaust will do it together. The emulator tells the CPU that it's actually running LEANER than it is, so it riches up the mixture, for better all-round performance, especially mid-range passing and top end. You tend to run leaner with a less restrictive...
  9. Skutorr

    Fuel Smell after a ride ('19 GT)

    Did you clean it and then run it with the plastic still off?
  10. Skutorr

    Exhaust Mod?

    They also carry a complete exhaust system for the C-series bikes, for just over $600. Comes as a replacement header, eliminating the clunky cat/muffler, and also a new exhaust itself...
  11. Skutorr

    Exhaust Mod?

    You get almost the same exact improvement with this (with a better exhaust) for under $100 and it's "plug-and-play"!
  12. Skutorr

    brand new C400X - stalls

    ....and they built an even CHEAPER scoot out of China than the C650, and everyone trusted them???? It took 7 YEARS with the C650/Sport to address/recall/redesign/upgrade/repair most of the problems and inherent pricepoint-based shortcomings of their BIG scoots. Why should the cheaper "400" be...
  13. Skutorr

    Trackday with my 650GT in Norway. A ton of fun.....

    The bikes in front of you were slowing you into the corners...
  14. Skutorr

    New member welcome thread..

    Yamaha Tmax530 and next years Tmax 560 both have cruise control...
  15. Skutorr

    Fish and chips and escaping the heat

    Oh, my god, that's the same ginger beer i used to drink as a kid at the bowling alley. Also, you're riding on the WRONG side of the road...
  16. Skutorr

    C650 Cam Chain Tensioner UK

    No, I don't hate them, in fact the C650 Sport in that last yellow color was a GREAT looking and performing bike. I just have an issue with the Q/C and Factory support. If those problems didn't exist, I would have bought one in a heartbeat.:cool:
  17. Skutorr

    C650 Cam Chain Tensioner UK

    Sequence of events: 1.) design cheap Tmax rival, cutting every corner possible, sticking to antiquated designs. 2.) have built in cheapest place possible and entrust oversight to another company that speaks the language (and who turns into a Rival who designs a better motor...) 3.) deal with...
  18. Skutorr

    Scooter Dead..

    Came apart at 4,000 Miles? Wow, I can smell the Quality Construction from here...:rolleyes:
  19. Skutorr

    Red Warning light water temperature (HELP PLEASE)

    Thermostat is maybe sticking and not opening all the way?
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