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  1. Skutorr

    Nice opportunity for the RARE BMW...

    Check it out...a 2016 Sport with LESS than 2,000 miles on it for under $7,000...:cool:
  2. Skutorr

    Great 650 Sport riding video in Spain!

    He replaced his 600 Sport with a 650 Sport and posted this ride. AMAZING scenery...who else wants go go ride in Spain???:cool:
  3. Skutorr

    AUTISA variator for the 600 Sport

    After a LONG Patent War with J. Costa, these guys at AUTISA (a major OEM auto manufacturer in Spain) offer their version, a J. Costa-inspired design. It runs cooler, has more lineal acceleration and is more tractable, and has avoided all the weight wear problems associated with all J...
  4. Skutorr

    New AK550 test ridden in Corsica

    Test ride's your French??:cool:
  5. Skutorr

    Spring break rides with my brother on HIS BMW (GS800r, that is...)

    Amazing weather and perfect conditions. 300 miles of twisties in three days of riding:cool: Up past Shaver Lake... Out on the road to Mariposa...
  6. Skutorr


    Guy dumps his C650 GT on a turn, says it was a "brake issue". Uh huh.:rolleyes:
  7. Skutorr

    OOOOOPS! Guy dumps his C650 GT...

    Says it was a "brake issue". H-m-m-m-m.:cool: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Skutorr

    Legal Lane Splitting now the LAW in California!

    Yep! Once again, California is the pioneer...:cool: Read about it...
  9. Skutorr

    It's HOT up here!!!

    Okay, the move is done and I'm up in Yosemite Lakes. DAMN it's HOT here!:mad: But beautiful, uncrowded and just up the 41 from Greyhound!:cool:
  10. Skutorr

    A better shaft seal behind clutch...

    Here is the diagram of the output shaft & seal; Diagram #5 is the seal that leaks, with the new, updated (non-leaking?) new seal, part number 24 218 541 803. More than $30? For something that they should have known better about and installed from the factory? Right. Use the stated...
  11. Skutorr

    Sound of C650 Sport with AKRAPOVIC

    Check it out...
  12. Skutorr

    There's a New Kid on the block...

    And he is SERIOUS. What I predicted after the debut of the C-series scoots has happened; KYMCO is going all-in with a new "Tmax Killer" that many had thought the C-600 could (should?) have been. With a HUGE introduction at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show on the occasion of KYMKO's 50th anniversary...
  13. Skutorr

    Coolest BMW I've seen!

    Guy road up to the coffee shop on the corner by my house, and haltingly made his way in. Older guy, not moving well, wore a euro-style ADV jacket and Nolan Modular. H.m.m.m.m, older guy (70+?) riding something Euro? When I left, this is what I saw. I only thought Harleys had that much polished...
  14. Skutorr

    New C650 Sport Review

    Here it is, and it compares the 2016 C650 Sport, Tmax530 and Aprilia SRV850. Nice analysis of the relative strong & weak points.:cool: Unfortunately for some, it's in Spanish...Oh, well.
  15. Skutorr

    Newest consumer reports Reliability Rankings...

    Here is the link: Excerpt #1: "There is a four times greater chance that a BMW will need repair than a Yamaha," said Consumer Reports' deputy editor Jeff Bartlett. "That's pretty significant...
  16. Skutorr

    CONTEST! Be the FIRST to determine where this is!

    Nice paint job in....?:cool:
  17. Skutorr

    C650's and 600's on the Track

    Found these in Italy... ...and out of Singapore:cool:
  18. Skutorr

    On the Cover...

    The excitement is back, even in FRANCE!:cool:
  19. Skutorr

    Test ride video of the 2016's

    You can really hear the new exhaust. It sounds GREAT!:cool:
  20. Skutorr

    Test Ride Video of 2016 C650 Sport & GT

    Nice sound for the new exhaust!:cool:
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