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  1. grey.hound

    2nd Generations Scooter Quesitons

    Hey guys, I'm still an occasional lurker. Question, I haven't kept up with the second generation scoots, any big issues? I had no trouble for 2 years/10,000 miles on my C600 Sport before I sold it. But, Mrs. GH has expressed a little disappointment in not being able to go occasionally with me...
  2. grey.hound

    Roll Call Spring 2017

    It's that time again. I've seen quite a few new riders in the past 6 months. Post your username along with year and model of your BMW Scooter. I no longer own my C600 but I'll start. grey.hound_________________2013 Sport (sold) Gsheff ____________________2013 GT JaimeC ____________________2013...
  3. grey.hound

    I'm Convinced, the Epilogue; or simply, I replaced my C600

    Part One of the saga:! Part Two:!-My-new-C600 Part Three...
  4. grey.hound

    webBikeWorld compares 1st Gen and 2nd Gen C650 GT's

    For those that aren't members of the G+ site; I know a few of us visit both places. How long can I hold out? With winter coming, these things will be dropping in price.
  5. grey.hound

    Do we have a C series Guru? (and you tube thoughts)

    Just thinking about that as a often read other bike specific forums. Some of them have a guy who seems to know/do just about everything. Diagnoses problems just from description and despite others' objections, turns out to be correct. I do think there is a collective knowledge on here that is...
  6. grey.hound

    What's your Odometer reading? aka how many miles on your bike?

    Just for discussion: Mine is a 2013 (bought November 2014) and has 8600 miles or so.
  7. grey.hound

    Emergency Braking: Scooter vs Motorcycle

    Twice in the past three weeks I have activated the ABS, deer running crossing in front of me. Funny thing, only once in my previous 4 years had I even seen deer on a ride. So, I grab both brakes slow waaaay down, then let both go and keep moving without missing a beat. How about on a...
  8. grey.hound

    2013 C600 sport; California

    2013 C600; Warranty until June 2017; 8500 miles; Bank still has title and would handle the paperwork, I owe just under $7k. If you guys know anybody looking, let them know. read more about the bike, my mods and experience here...
  9. grey.hound

    Wunderlich , Nelson Rigg, Bilt Mesh jackets: Fresno California

    Motivated seller here and would prefer pick up. Wunderlich Wind deflector: $100 I have Version 1 Nelson Rigg Side Bags Sprt 50: $75 Bilt Techno...
  10. grey.hound

    Two Up travel impressions:

    So, after putting 400 miles on the bike with a pillion the last few days, ride report here: I have some thoughts on the bike, mostly good. My ride is a 2013 C600 Sport, now has...
  11. grey.hound

    California Highway 1; Pacific Coast Highway

    I have a trip in the works later in July. Originally my wife an I were going to ride 100 miles from Monterey to Cambria, or vice versa. The plan has changed, we will be staying in the Cambria, Morro Bay area the whole time. We just had our 20th anniversary and she has agreed to use the scoots as...
  12. grey.hound

    Are the BMW scooters more expensive to maintain? A real discussion.

    I think it is important to make sure facts are clear before everyone decides to jump ship. I too am amazed at the cost of maintenance, but how do these scoots compare to other bikes? In order to make a fair comparison, we need to try to compare apples to apples as much as possible. By that I...
  13. grey.hound

    Central California Riders, Say Hey!

    Ok, I know there are a few just in the Fresno/Clovis area. Myself and 2 others are on the G+ forum, but I have seen at least 3 others in the area including someone with what appeared to be a white C600 half mile from my house last night. If you guys are here, speak up; that would make 6 of us in...
  14. grey.hound

    Beemer Buddies/ Grip buddies

    So, it's come up on the site and on the G+ site. Is this the place to get them, or a different brand?
  15. grey.hound

    Roll Call March 2016

    Just thought I'd see if there have been any changes over the winter, plus a chance for any new members to stand up and be counted. If you posted in this thread: Just give a signal that you're still here and I'll just copy/paste...
  16. grey.hound

    I might add another scooter to my stable, your thoughts.

    So I sold my Aprilia scooter over the weekend and there is an empty spot in my garage. I've been mulling over the possibilities. What would you do? 1. Piaggio BV350; I really like it, almost bought one instead of the C600 back in 2014. Now it has ABS and would make pretty much the perfect...
  17. grey.hound

    Riding gear for traveling/touring; what's yours?

    I'm evaluating mine and my wife's riding gear. I haven't taken a true trip per se, but will be soon. Here is the basic set up for both of us: Top: Mesh or Textile vented jacket, haven't decided which would be best if I had to pick just one. I don't usually use the liner, I prefer some sort of...
  18. grey.hound

    Nelson Rigg Side Cases for the C600 I got them for $70 on Amazon with free shipping too. The prices on Amazon are about %30 less than advertised. They weight about 5 pounds total for the pair. My bracket, less than 2 lbs. I little quick test pack to...
  19. grey.hound

    Are you on the Member Map?

    Giving a kindly reminder for those who haven't. It's a new year and I'll be taking roll again come spring time too. :)
  20. grey.hound

    Links to accessories for our scooters here

    These are some of the places I have shopped around or purchased from. Most link to the C600 but you can find parts for the GT on most of these places. I cannot vouch for these sellers, I'm just passing along links. OEM parts: A&S BMW and Sierra BMW...
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