$1300 for 12k service - 2016 C650GT


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My bike had 2.220 miles on it when i bought it. Now it has 2.800 miles on it Pat the service guy said to ignore
the 600 m. oil change. That is from a Honda dealer that sells BMW and works on them as well. I noticed that
when i bought the bike 2 weeks ago the oil said OK now on mothers day i had to add about 1/4 of the
quart of oil to the motor. Then i checked it again on flat pavement and all is GOOD. But the 3 dash lines
are showing most of the time instead of the OK like i have seen. Is that a problem?? Thank you for the info
i forgot to check on the net on the E vs USD.
The 600 mile oil change is to:

1.) check for leaks, etc. and
2.) remove the oil that has the metal particles in it from the initial piston ring/cylinder wall break-in...
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