2nd Gen - handlebar cover removal


Hey guys - I just traded my 2013 for a 2018. I’m trying to plug gps harness into the port under the handle bar cover.

I can remove the center cover - but, the resulting opening is very small and my gps harness has an in-line “box” that needs to be hidden inside - the box will not fit through the small opening. So, I need to figure out how to remove the rest of the handlebar cover.

Anyone dealt with this? Thanks in advance.
I dealt with it when I first got the scoot so I don't really remember all the screws, but they're pretty visible. What I do remember is having to use a trim pry bar (small plastic one) to get the tabs to release. They are a Bitch!!! and have a kung fu grip... I finally got them to release, one at a time and with much force. I used the pry bar to push the tabs in as I pulled on each section of the cover. You also need to remove the BMW badge on the top...it comes off relatively easy with the pry bar as well.
Good luck
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