Bought PDF Shop Manual For C 400 GT


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If anyone's interested, I received a thumb drive with the C 400 GT shop manual a couple of days ago. This is the one I bought, via eBay:

(If the link becomes obsolete at some point, the heading is "BMW C 400 GT K08 WORKSHOP C400GT SERVICE MANUAL ON USB," from a seller called "digitalgarage-es," in Spain, I believe, and currently with 100% positive feedback.)

The manual is a 223MB, 842-page, PDF file. I don't believe it's a scan, as the pages are clear as a bell, the text is searchable, etc. Most pages have a red seller notice at the bottom, and some have a different but non-intrusive watermark. I've attached a screen grab I just did of a portion of page 802, for instance (which I'm interested in, because I may want to add a brake flasher out back to my new scoot).

I first scanned the thumb drive for viruses; no problem. Oh, and you also get, as a "bonus," the owner's manual (3MB, 248 pages) and the uncrating documentation (4MB, 51 pages).

So I'm reporting that I'm pleased with the $40 purchase, and it took about two weeks to arrive.


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