Broken Tail Light


New member
Hey all,

I was walking to my garage door when my leg brushed my left taillight, causing it to snap. I'm not strong or heavy by any means, so I am actually shocked how fragile it is. Upon further inspection, it looks almost like the entire left light is mounted via a thick PCB instead of anything positively affixing the casing to the scooter like traditional lighting methods. Has anyone taken their rear lights apart yet and can anyone confirm this? I thought I'd ask before I spend this weekend looking into it.

Ideally the lights aren't proprietary to the point where I have to go to the dealer and get a replacement weak taillight. Turning on my scooter immediately brings up a warning that my rear lights are damaged, and my right tail light refuses to light up despite being untouched, which makes me suspect aftermarket parts won't be an option until someone reverse engineers this.
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