C400x front brake!


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Test rode a 400x recently and found the front brake very scary! Dealer said 'Must be all like that'!
Do any of you 400x owners find this?


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Thanks Davidh.

Bought the bike today with full service at BMW dealers! Front brake still vague but I can live with that. Very enjoyable little bike!


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Hi Byee,
Took the C400X for a test ride as my F80GS Adventure was being serviced. Got a real shock when I applied the front brake at the lights. Almost went down to the grip. But liked it that much I traded in the 800 got the 400 serviced and rode it home. Front brake is still a bit vague but back brake very good! Wondering if this is normal or do I still have a problem? Regards, Alex


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Congrats on the new toy!!!

I bought my C400GT in Feb 2019. The brakes on the bike will stop on a dime with no issues with the front brakes locking up especially with the ABS.



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I only have the basic 400X model but my problem is the front brake is practically non-existent! Still love the little bike, bit of a change from my R1250gs Rallye!!
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