C600 Sport/C650 GT Belt Replacement


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Funny thing is, when you order the belt from Carpimoto from the US it's €77, but from France (next door to Italy) it's €94. Each plus shipping of course.


Thanks SJMike - you and I are on the same page - avoid dealer whenever possible! On the BurgmanUSA forum, there is a complete video and text explaining exactly how to remove all the plastic fairings (to do so requires about 90 minutes! No wonder maintenance costs so much from a dealer!) - is there as similar source of information for the BMW?
BMW dealers use a computerised service manual called RSD (Don’t know what it stands for). If you can find a copy somewhere on the wonderful wide web, it’s really Helpful - it has step by step, almost screw by screw instructions for everything.


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"BMW dealers use a computerised service manual called RSD (Don’t know what it stands for)."

RSD = Repair and Service Data.

Heads up to interested buyers: It's only on DVD and only runs on Windows PC. Not terribly expensive and VERY helpful. Bonus is the DVD includes service manuals for pretty much every BMW motorcycle made ... C series, K series, R series, etc.

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This procedure is still in the future for me - 12,000 Km on the clock. Previously I owned a Yamaha T-max and the belt was replaced per service manual at 20,000 Km so I guess I will replace the one on my 650GT at 20,000 as well. But the BMW holding tool - I am guessing you can buy one from BMW but I imagine it will be redhot expensive. Is there a generic substitute for that tool?
In the UK, the tool wasn't that expensive - around £35 if I recall correctly. I doubt that there's a generic substitute.


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I did my first belt/roller replacement yesterday and figured I'd take a few pictures and provide some tips to those who haven't done it themselves. All in all, it was very straightforward without any nasty surprises. You will need a few specialized tools but nothing too crazy. I've included that information as well as the BMW service stuff in the attachment. I'm open to comments or constructive criticism :)

The document/pictures were too large to attach here but I uploaded it to Dropbox -- click here

PS. Let me know if the link doesn't work and I'll figure it out.
Thank you very much for posting all your very useful information and photos regarding the C650 GT belt change. It's GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Have a Happy New Year!!
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