Clear windshield in US..?


Hello, and Happy Holiday! Does anyone know the European CE-04 is delivered with an orange tinted windshield while in the US it's clear?


I was told by my dealer that it's due to "visibility" regulations, which is stupid because no one can actually look through it even if they wanted. It can't possibly obstruct driver vision.


The answer is that yes, to my knowledge, all BMW windshields sold in the USA are free of color.

I suspect that is for legal reasons. There are states, such as my home state of North Carolina, that do not allow windshields in the tent of red, amber, or yellow. While these laws were clearly written with cars in mind, they often do not specify what kind of vehicles are included: - nor do they attempt to define the difference between a windscreen and a windshield.

For what it's worth, I think Puig sells some great-looking windscreens for the CE-04. The dark tinted one looks great, but after looking at photographs of me on my bike, I realize that a tall tinted windscreen would compromise driver's visibility of my hi-vis vest (see photo)


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Thanks for your response and advice! I just ordered an OEM orange one from a dealer in France because I thought it was distinctive and added something to the overall,presentation!
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