Extra REAR light-brake lights?


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I've yet to search here, but I figured I'd post to get the latest and greatest from the members, anyway.
If you have supplemented your C650s hind-end, please tell with what/how? I would be particularly enamored with
BOTH: the OEM lamp having a rapid-flash/then steady sequence...supplemented by say...those lighted license plate frames.
(but maybe only ONE is workable-practicable)

My service tech today said he like Clearwater products?
However, they're not permitted to install them right now because
the OEM (or the intermediary vendor?) has not provided a
certificate of insurance for the product. Thus, the dealership won't put themselves in the
chain of vicarious liability. (Grrrrr.....lawyers).

As to other farkles, I have a headlight cover enroute, and the Denali mini-horn blaster.
Plus, those Chinese barkbusters with amber lights that another poster showcased on his
somewhere in the past here.

In any case, whatever I decide on, I will have be having someone doing the work, not MOI', LOL.
(Vehicles shudder in abject terror when I approach them with tools. :ROFLMAO:


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Hmmmm. Hoping someone here would have added something, whether they can recommend it, or perhaps not.


Sorry, I haven't made any rear-end mods on mine. The only lighting changes were to install Denali DM-1 auxiliary lights. Make a huge difference in both being seen and seeing. And really easy for DIY. Info here.
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