favorite online BMW parts?


Hi -
Try ECS Tuning out of Ohio for the NM3 Grease

Also they have the Variator Brace/Holding tool

Both are low cost compared to other suppliers ..


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Thanks, I did get the brace from them, but they showed the N3 not shipping until the end of the month, I ended up getting it from getBMWparts.com, with shipping and "handling" (corporate up charge) it was still almost $24. Not like I'll need mass quantities....


That cannot be the only grease that will do the job. It falls into the category of "high temperature lithium-based grease" - other manufacturers do make such types of grease, and they are cheaper and, more importantly, come in smaller containers. Less waste. Has anyone tried another grease? Or are we slavishly following the BMW instruction book?


Well as far as I can tell, N3 is simply NOT available here in Australia. When I was about to begin the belt replacement, I went to my local BMW dealer, and there were a couple of blokes standing at the door to the workshop (customers of course are not allowed to go inside that sacred area!). I got chatting to these two and asked them what grease they used on the variator splined shaft, told them I had the job ahead of me but I needed some of that grease. Within a minute, one of them produced a handful of the grease they use! I still don't know what the grease is, but I still have enough left over to do about 10 belt replacements! Cost: nothing. It is the first time any BMW dealer has given me what I needed without charging at least $50!

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Great result! A hand full of grease is way more than my dealer has given me… if anyone was trying to find it in Australia - you **can** get N3 from Ballarat Bearings (Industrial World) by the **carton** if you wanted to do your belt… then engage is some….competitive grease wrestling? 😂


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Here in the US, I just got a small tube (= plenty for many belt changes) from a Honda dealer - apparently Honda use it on some of their motorcycles.
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