FINALLY coming to the States


The only differences I can think of are:
1. Seating position and floorboards
2. Big back seat.
3. Maybe electric windshield?
4. Heated other stuff.
How much are they?


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Last time I looked, the US equivalent was $30K. That price BETTER come down if they expect to sell them here, though.


Looks like the under seat room has been taken by the batteries. That and the price will probably doom it over here. I'd rather have a K1600GTL for that kind of money. Or a pair of C650s, a GT and a Sport.


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30k would be very expensive. Here in the Nehterlands, where nothing comes cheap, they are about €15k. So I guess they have the price tag wrong. But the range is still around 200 km, which is rather poor compared to the Zero.


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So is this thread about the C Evolution? If so, the 2018 list price in the US (California only) is $14,640 including destination, heated grips and comfort seat. The only version sold in the US is the "Long Range" with 94ah cells giving it approximately 100 mile range.