First oil change on my C650GT


Bike has about 750 miles on it, and service was on in the display. First oil change is 650Miles IIRC, so I had gotten the oil and filter in advance. I also had one of the plastic adapters to spin off the oil filter. I had the pages for the oil change from the service manual printed out to follow along with as well.

I've done plenty of oil changes over the years on all sorts of machinery, but this one was not the most tech friendly design. The drain plug had some black fillings on it but nothing terrible. Oil still looked clean. The oil filter was on so tight that it spun the 3/8 recess for the wrench. I ended up taking it off with an adjustable oil filter wrench that bites into the housing. It was very tight even with that wrench, but it came off. The little mesh strainer came out and went back in easy enough, maybe on sliver inside of that. All the work was done on the floor, would have been much easier on a lift. I can see it taking about an hour or so on the next go around.


Bro, you make it sound as though I could even do it.
On a 'first' service like that, I'd want a tech going over the nuts, bolts, cables, hoses, etc
Checking torque specs, and such like that to be safe....but that's me.


I've found that most of the routine stuff that people bring in for service can be done DIY if you have the patience and reasonable skills. I've been messing around with fixing things since I was a teenager including cars and boats and lately bikes. Even professional mechanics had to start somewhere and most likely when they did start out, they are the ones doing the oil changes. So if you bring the bike in for something like that, most likely its the most junior guy that will get the assignment.

I've had a couple of Mercedes cars and I did all the routine maintenance on those as well. And truthfully I found them to be pretty well designed for service, unlike some American made vehicles that don't seem to take that into account.

Can anybody do their own service? Maybe, if you have a mind to do it and dont mind some greasy hands. Am I worried about loose nuts and bolts? Not really, the bike only has about 750 miles on it. Now I do need to figure out where the odb2 connector is so I can see about resetting the service reminder.


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Now I do need to figure out where the odb2 connector is so I can see about resetting the service reminder.

Page 114 of the rider's manual shows the location of the "Data Link Connecter" which I assume to be the ODB2 connector.
after oil change you must do service reset process. you need to connect the motoscan app trough the obd2 device plug into the obd2 port located removing the right front panel, and make the reset. if the electrical reset process is missing, you will continue having the computers warning signals on, in the motorcycle display forever. regards,


I finally found my odb2 adapter. Sometimes I'm too smart/dumb/forgetful for myself. I had squirreled it away in a tool roll that I had on the other bike and moved to this one when I got it. I have the motoscan app on my phone and once I figured out which version of the bike to use (there are 2 for the K19) then I was able to get into the instrument cluster and the service reset lives in there. I kept clicking on the reset buttons and the software responded but nothing seemed to happen, so I shut the bike off and turned it back on and service was now off.

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