For Sale 2019 BMW C650GT $7,900 - Sun City Arizona


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It is time for me to move on from this great bike! This bike as most of you know can be a commuter or cross country - Used to work in Downtown Phoenix & drove via rush hour freeways & side streets to the Capital!
Also took it on Hwy 10 and over the mountains from Phx to Long Beach for the last Motorcycle Show there in 2019!
  • 2019 Black C650GT with 13,700 miles.
  • Always maintained by BMW Peoria GOAZ from new.
  • Upgraded 2 month old Corbin heated seat with driver backrest (cost $1300) Note: it is a heavier seat but very comfortable. OR instead get the original BMW Heated seat and the BMW Lowered unheated Seat!
  • Shad58X Expandable Top Case with unique reinforced rack installed behind back seat. (Expands from 42L to 48L or 58L = 3 positions for your full face helmet or groceries!)
  • Givi Windshield with side mounted wind diverters for hands
  • Throttle lock cruise control.
  • Rear light bar from ARDMORE LED Lights with flashing brake light (3 flashes to steady for braking), turn signals and running light (programable for full flashing brakes and wavy turn signals)
  • Front white LED driving lights located below the headlight.
  • Front tire axle yellow LED lights - I wanna to be seen by others
  • All added lights on separate electronic relay system & triggered similar to headlights (turned on several seconds after key is turned on to leave more power for startup) PLUS turn off when key turns off.
  • New (6 months old) Lithium Battery & Lithium Battery charger. Lots of power for starting – every time!
  • BMW Garmin Motorrad Navigator V ram-mounted & connected under handlebar to a BMW factory plug (newer unit has brighter screen but this one works and still gets the Garmin map upgrades!)
  • Installed a BMW 12v receptacle in the handle bar plastic for the Battery charger and other add-ons (phone power plug etc)
Have 2 other BMW seats available: The original BMW Heated seat & the BMW Lowered (unheated) seat. Will now include with the sale of this bike.

I cannot think of any issues I have had with the bike over the last several years. I ignored it for a month (now retired and working on a new house) and then go out and jump on, start right up and ride around. Only thing I have to do between the regular scheduled maintenance is check the tire pressure and ride (again regular scheduled maintenance done by the BMW dealer GOAZ Peoria). OIL CHANGE JUST DONE THIS SUMMER 2022!

No leaks on the ground ever! It has been a very good bike & for me easy on - easy off.

$7,900 - Sun City Arizona
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Not in the market, but this is a good deal.

I put my 2019 in matte blue up for sale a month ago, mostly to test the waters. It has a Utopia driver's backrest, BMW passenger backrest, BMW luggage rack and GIVI windscreen (9,000 miles). Had an offer of $8,800 cash within days. Your deal is better, especially with the Corbin seat + backrest and BMW navigation. Corbins are amazing. I'm thinking of buying one now. Also considering an Admore light bar.

FWIW, I found Facebook Marketplace works pretty well. CycleTrader seems to attract serious buyers, guys who are looking for a specific model. I think they're worth the $12 or whatever they charge.

Good luck! Nice to see good deals. So many bikes are overpriced.


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Thank you Mike!
I thought I would stop by my dealer - been with them for over 6 years, just to get them to check it out. They did a thorough Check up and they would want to put on a new front tire, back is A-Okay. That is all they could come up with after a 45 review of the bike (well it does need a polishing!). Of course no sense in selling it to them a the low wholesale price!

So I am including all 3 seats (the Brand new Corbin - heated & back rest, the original BMW Heated Seat and the Original BMW Low Seat (not available from BMW with heat) and lowered the price to $7,900.

This is a great bike for around town or the autobahn (interstate eh!) with still only 13,700 miles on it



Hello, I’m interested due to an idiot running a red light and then leaving when he saw me get up. Luckily just bruises, but I’m waiting on insurance to process claim (bent forks on a 2013 so repair costs = total).


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Just to toss this hat in the ring ... if it happens to work for buyer and/or seller, and the cost + shipping is reasonable, I'd be interested in the Corbin seat and backrest.
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