Half the cost RX1E vs CE04

Darn, hope in the end I feel it is worth twice the cost to buy a CE04 vs a RX1E. https://cscmotorcycles.com/rx1e-electric-motorcycle/?sku=RX1E-Red2

I know it is comparing apples to oranges and the tech is vastly different between the RX1E motorcycle and CE scooter. Still, have to wonder if China is not upping its game yet offering electric at a low cost. Granted, the warranty is only 1 year on the RX1E and is not a proven ride per se.

Still, for the boatload of $ spent on the CE with side bag and top case one could roll the dice on a RX1E for half the price.


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The RX1E looks like a sweet ride, but the cost-cutting comes with some notable restrictions:

- The RX1E cannot be charged at public charging stations, only 110V home chargers.
- The RX1E takes 6 hours to charge from empty (vs ~1h20m on the CE-04)
- The RX1E has a 37% smaller battery than the CE-04, so take the range stats with a grain of salt.

The inability to charge at a public charging station makes the RX1E bike a no-go for anything but puttering around town, IMHO. It's also odd that the RX1E is benchmarked on the obsolete NEDC cycle rather than WTLP.
Good points I would say. Guessing though both are better as around town riding bikes though. Several videos on youtube showing RX1E range for city and highway.
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