Hello from McDonough, Ga


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Just purchased a 2013 C650GT and am loving it! Have had motorcycles since 1972 up until 2 weeks ago when I sold the VTX1800R, went border to border, coast to coast in 1973 just before I joined the Army (on a 3 cylinder 2 stroke Suzuki). The scoot I bought was NOT taken care of, has white overspray from a house painting, missing the front TPMS sensor, windshield stuck in high position, new tires (Kenda) NOT balanced, oil supposedly changed but service minder not reset. With (now) 18,250 miles I have all parts gathered up, have already reset the windshield, replaced the TPMS sensor, replaced the front brakes, have ready a new belt and Dr Pulley sliders and guides and fully expect to have all maintenance current by 20,000 miles.
Since I was unable to find it in my searches, I want to say; the GS-911 WILL re-calibrate the windshield (my local stealership wanted 1 hour, $186.00, to scan and troubleshoot). Since I was unable to prove before purchase that the GS911 will calibrate the windshield, maybe it is in the June 2020 update. If you're in Georgia, drop me a line.
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