High Windscreen - Finally!


Finally! My high windscreen is here. What a journey. I ordered it 2 months ago, telling the parts guy to order me the windscreen AND any necessary mounting parts. The mounting bracket got to the dealer within days (shipped from California). The windscreen was shipped from Europe and, kid you not, they shipped it by boat, which meant it took 6 weeks to get to the dealer. They notified me that the parts were all finally here. Went to pick them up and guess what! They forgot to order the 2 screws, rubber washers and grommets. So, had to wait a few more days for that to come in. Eight weeks after ordering, I finally was able to install it. I don't just blame the parts guy, but BMW for being too stupid to include the mounting screws and such with the mounting bracket. Why, when ordering a high windscreen, should there have to be 5 line items of parts you have to order?!?!?! Ridiculous!

Now, maybe I can ride in 40°F at 50mph, which is 26°F wind chill if you're getting the full brunt of the breeze, and not freeze.



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It looks great on the grey! I've got the full windscreen as well on my white CE04. It's been pretty good to me, but the air flow feels like it's at my shoulders rather than over my head.

I've been tempted to try the smoked Puig's as I feel like they look better, but I've decided not to go that route as it compromises driver visibility toward my hi-vis vest.
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