How do I install a Givi Sr5121 rack on C650 Sport

Hi all,
I'm new here and have a question which I'm hoping someone has the know how.
l bought a givi top box and all parts needed including the Sr5121 Mounting plate and brackets. I was about to install it onto the bike as it looks very easy but before I began I saw that the underneath of where the first screws should go was covered by part of the plastic guard of the bike. Would you know what the process is as I don't want to crack the plastic. It's under the bike on either side of the seat where the black plastic meets the white plastic. Sorry I wish I could explain it better. How do I remove the white covering to expose where the screw threads into ( it's covered by plastic) without drilling into the plastic or cracking it as I think it's one piece with the side guard. Any help from anyone will be very appreciated. Thank you Danny
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