Newbie with a C Evolution Plus in London, UK


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Hi there,

Just thought i'd introduce myself - my name is Oliver and i live in London in the UK.

I bought a brand new Evolution Plus 3 weeks ago. I have driven a Honda Silverwing 600 for the last 6 years which i've absolutely loved and it's been a brilliant bike but i've been very keen to start driving an EV and when the new Evo came out 2 months back here in the UK with 100 miles of range, i knew i had to get one.

Unfortunately, as soon i got it home 3 weeks back, it wouldn't charge properly and it's been with BMW ever since. The 15 miles i've put on the clock have been amazing and i can't wait to get it back, but the service from BMW has not been great as all parts are pretty much on back order from Germany.

BMW have given me a brand new 650 GT to drive which has been an good change but i have to say, the drive on the Evo is something special.

I will be installing my Givi E55 top box once i get it back as well as a ram mount for my iPhone 6 Plus (BMW don't do holders for a Plus...just a standard 6/6s it seems).

There is so little information about the Evo online i find of people modifying it, accessories, common faults, diagnostics scanning, etc so i hope to be able to learn on this forum and contribute.

For now, here are a few pictures of the bike....






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I got mine a week ago and have put 320 miles on it already.

I want to mount my RAM mount for my TomToM but can't seem to find where to attach it to. I was wondering how did to do it. I can't seem to find anything on the web.

Please advise