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I am wondering for those of you that own and ride both a C650GT/C600 and another regular motorcycle how easy is it to transition between the two bikes? Like ride one and then the other the same or next day? Do you find yourself trying to use the clutch as a brake or realize you need to shift when you remember what bike you are riding.

I’ve been considering an RT but really can’t see letting go of the C650GT as I see many times it would just do better at a type of riding.

I know I’ve never really had an issue hoping in a manual shifting car once you get a feel for the clutch and learn the optimal shift points even though I now drive a automatic car 99% of the time.


My wife HAD(she rarely rode it 650GT) I have a RT, spent a lot of time on both bikes. Considering the size of both bikes, I prefer the RT, though the scooter is pretty kool, no issue with brakes
It only got sold because of space in garage issue, try keeping 2 cars and 3 motorcycles in a 2 car garage



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I have a 400cc Ducati scrambler and a Piaggio BV350. Used to have a C600. Never an issue with mixing controls. I first learned to ride on a scooter, glad I bought the MC so I have the ability and for my own sense of, "Yeah, I can do that." I say go for it. You'll never know if you don't try. Though, I'd suggest the little 310cc bike so it's different from the scooter size and riding style.


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...Though, I'd suggest the little 310cc bike so it's different from the scooter size and riding style.

You would probably have no problem riding different bikes. And I agree that if you are considering owning 2 bikes that you consider different end use configurations. The RT is a great bike with more power and doodads but about the same weight as the CGT and similar uses. The 310 is a great idea or maybe a used adventure type bike in the 400lb range.

On the other hand, if you are trying to figure out if you want to move to a full on touring machine* and want to compare the two, make sure you consider the 850 and the 1200GS (or similar competitors). How's that for helping you narrow your choices??:D

*Of course, lots of folks have reported being very happy touring on bikes like the CGT. This hobby offers lots of choices.
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