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Stebel Air Horn?

Hi, has anyone installed a Stebel Air horn or similar on a C400 GT? If so how difficult was it and where did you mount it?
Um, no, not installed.

But I've THOUGHT about it. Does that count?

Really, I'm no stranger to this type of mod.

On my 2007 Burgman 650 Exec, in the right cubby:


On my 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour, underneath the front fairing:


On my 2008 Burgman 650 Exec (purchased used, in 2016), in the left cubby:


And for that matter, if we go way back, my 2000 Valkyrie Interstate, underneath the bike (although I eventually replaced that setup with a quad electric horn down there, a special setup that a Valk vendor started selling):


So I hope that you find it plausible that I've given some thought to the matter.

And have so far given up.

- The cubbies on the C 400 GT are, IMO, too small, and not open to the air enough.

- The dash material forward of the cubbies (where I had placed a switch on one side and an external USB port on the other -- see my gallery, if you're curious) is mighty thin, and -- again, IMO -- would require some beefing up to support such serious weight.

- I haven't figured out any other good spot.

- Naturally, you'd need to add a fuse panel (or at least a relay), and the C 400 GT is also one of the few bikes I've owned that I haven't done that, either. (Those horns certainly need a relay of some form, as they consume close to 20 amps when beeped. The stock wiring might handle that in rare use, but it's not a great idea; I've always used 16-or 14-gauge wiring for those horns. And the CANbus and the little stock fuses would probably not play nicely, anyway.)

If you figure out something, I think the community here would be interested in your solution.

In the meantime, I try to stay out of trouble a bit, without the use of a decent horn, by having added VERY bright Skene Photon Booster LEDs up front (and I just did that same mod last week to my Royal Enfield Meteor 350) and VERY bright Skene P3-TS LEDs turn signals and brake flashers to the back end. That is, I think I've made the scoot a lot more conspicuous -- couldn't hurt, anyway.

Good luck in your quest.