The Famous Cam Chain Tensioner


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With a newly acquired older bike (2013 C650GT) I am not able to do the recall stuff, so I did order the replacement original tensioner from the BMW i3 extender engine and will replace it when it arrives. Not too worried about it because we don't tend to put on a lot of miles here in Hawaii. After viewing quite a few videos on YouTube, I noticed that all the off road and ATV guys are replacing the spring loaded tensioners with adjustable models. They are rave about the results. Just wondering if anyone has tried this option. The off road guys say to just check after 10 to 15k miles to readjust. This should eliminate any need for a expensive retrofit or constant changing of the spring loaded original.

These pop up on Ebay and Aliexpress:

Has anyone tired this? Any success? I would like to know.... Thanks!


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Have not tried but equally intrigued. For my F800ST a California company developed a similar tensioner that is externally adjusted. It does look like a better option than keep replacing the badly-designed (or badly made) original part, which is also more expensive to boot.