This BMW of mine.

I am very happy with this purchase of my 2016 BMW C 650 GT This bike handles very well and is lighter then the Swing that i did
have. I was on the hwy and i wanted to see what it felt like doing 100 mph WOW this bike was running smoothly without being
tossed around like on the Silver Wing. I was NOT afraid to open it up like that. Just wanted to see how fast this bike would
handle at that speed. Usually i do 60 to 65 with the cruise control on. The cruise control helps my right hand from NOT tingling
anymore. from holding the throttle for 70 miles or more. The centerstand is easier to put t he bike up on it.. I never knew the BMWS
bikes are so good. A lot of GOOD features on this bike i like.


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That bike has cruise control? Are you really talking about a throttle lock or cramp buster? Glad you like it, its definitely more sporty than the Swing.
It is a cruise control that the previous owner had installed on the right out part of the hand grip. When you
reach up to your speed you want just twist the cruise control thing and it will set to the speed you are at.
Sorry i do NOT know what somethings are called so just bare with me ok.? What is a throttle lock? I also have
a cramp buster on the right side for city driving IF i had a i ph. i would take a pic n share it with you guys


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I have at Atlas throttle lock on another bike and really like it. Has anyone tried to put one on their c650? I think it will go, but not 100% sure. Would love to hear how it went and if it functions well.


I bought the dirt cheap, simply little Go Cruise.
Works like a champ on the GT. However, I ONLY
use in on the super-slab with sparse traffic. YMMV
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