Those heated grips

Greg goes wild

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I have the heated grips & seat on my BMW and they do work very well 3 different HEAT setting which is good. I never had heated
grips on my other bikes that i did own. It is something NEW to me especially during the winter months that i do ride in.
I thought i would share my thoughts on this. The front seat gets warm as well. NICE now i do not have to freeze my butt off


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I've owned six BMW's over the years and all had heated grips, and a few had heated seats including my 2019 GS650. It's amazing how well these two features can take the edge off winter riding. I ride with First Gear leather gloves that were intentionally designed WITHOUT insulation on the palms so as to maximize heat transfer from heated grips. They're EXCELLENT. I've ridden down in to the 20's F in New England on dry, ice-free roads. With proper riding gear and heated grips/seat it's quite doable. Expect to get a lot of "funny looks."