Timing/Firing Order/TDC

Dean Theriot

New member
Can anyone tell me whats the firing order (Which cyl. is #1}. for a 2016 c650 sport?
I tried to change my timing chain tensioner but i was sent the incorrect part by cycle werks. When i put
the old one back end and started it, it was louder than before with some extra clanking. Im afraid it may have
jumped timing and want to reset before i attempt to start it again. I have went online to purhase the service manual
from 3 different vendors and none will download/or open after i purchased them.

Thanks for any help


steve l

Hi Dean,

If you have downloaded the manual it will probably be an .ISO file that will need to burnt to DVD or opened with special software, see

Number 1 cylinder is the left (sat on the bike) alternator side.



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