Victory Vision 800 as an upgrade?


I know it’s probably too late, Victory has folded, and it is not exactly a video but to raise awareness…
when I think of what I would have as an upgrade when the time comes to wean off C650s, only one answer comes to mind…
bloody Polaris, please release Vision 800 !

What do I see? Excellent design ideas that could have saved Victory -
1. By using a CVT, unlock, create, capture more market in the face of newer, less experienced riders instead of the aging harley people.
2. Place two helmets’ storage in front - instead of under my bum, so I can sit lower, be better windshielded, and have something to hold on to with my knees or lay down onto when doing some fast parts.
3. Have the grunty 800cc engine from Polaris ATV range, so it beats them all scooters.
4. Wicked styling that was even borrowed for the Judge Dredd movie.
5. Shaftdrive so no maintenance but a ton of torque tolerance.

Why the heck not?..
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