wet weather riding gear


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recent purchase of c 650 gt and looking for suggestions to the above thread title. when i sold my rt a few years back i also included my frogg toggs with the bike. i really did like them but cant determine which style i had. i ride in most weather conditions with protective gear that i have...just no raingear. any suggestions or advice appreciated.
From the bottom up, I have TourMaster "Solution" boots, they are water proof and equally comfortable rain or shine.
For pants I have Olympia over pants get one to 2 sizes over what riding pants you wear they can be put on without taking off your boots.
As for my Jacket I have the Olympia ventilated jacket with multiple zip out liners for various weather conditions,
And for gloves, I recommend having multiple choices, but for wet conditions a pair with a rain cover built in to a zippered pocket.


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I just use simple bicycle rain pants ($30 or so at camping/cycling store) and a sailing jacket from West Marine. I don't go long distances, just commuting the 7 miles to and from office. The gear is very effective.
I go long distances, had a 12 day trip once (over 5000km). I use regular rain jacket and rain pants, in a comfortable size to put over riding gear. Keep extra pair of gloves in trunk. Boots are leather and semi-rain proof, but weather protection is good so not an issue. When traveling in cold climates you can apply the rain clothes even when not raining for some level of extra insulation.

It's a cheap solution that also works for walking or non-riding.
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